Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Hydraulic Jump VS 4c * 2nd 10/Oct/08 Shorn Cliff
Acoustic VD * 2nd 10/Oct/08 Shorn Cliff
The Russian HVS 5a ** 2nd 21/Sep/08 Symonds Yat
Offspring VS 4c * 2nd 21/Sep/08 Symonds Yat
Flying Machine VD 2nd 21/Sep/08 Symonds Yat
Temporary Truce VS 4c * 2nd 19/Sep/08 Shorn Cliff
Organ Grinder HVS 5a ** 2nd 19/Sep/08 Shorn Cliff
Morning Winpenny 5c - 12/Sep/08 Ban-y-gor
The Gruesome Toothsome 5a * - 12/Sep/08 Ban-y-gor
One Less White Nigger VS 4c ** 2nd 29/Aug/08 Shorn Cliff
Jug? What Jug?! VS 4c 2nd 29/Aug/08 Shorn Cliff
Inverted V HVS 4c * 2nd 26/Aug/08 Three Cliffs Bay
Central Rib Route III VD *** 2nd 25/Aug/08 Wintour's Leap
Scavenger VS 4c *** 2nd 24/Aug/08 Three Cliffs Bay
Zelda HS 4b *** 2nd 14/Aug/08 Wintour's Leap
Central Rib Route I S 4a ** 2nd 01/Aug/08 Wintour's Leap
Wolf Whistle S * 2nd 27/Jul/08 Shorn Cliff
Intermission HS 4b 2nd 27/Jul/08 Shorn Cliff
Gargoyle HS 4b 2nd 27/Jul/08 Shorn Cliff
Cry Wolf VD 2nd 27/Jul/08 Shorn Cliff
Trundlebum Rex S * 2nd 20/Jul/08 Symonds Yat
Snoozin' Suzie VD ** 2nd 20/Jul/08 Symonds Yat