Pembroke Rock

Pembroke Rock
Author Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne
Published The Climbers' Club (2016)
ISBN 978-0-9572815-5-4



Pembroke Rock offers a hand-picked selection of 1000 of the very best climbs, across the full grade range, and covering more than 30 cliffs from St David’s Head in North Pembroke all the way to Penally in the south. Selected crags are included from each of the five areas covered by the definitive Climbers’ Club guidebooks, and a number of new climbs from 2015 are included. Full photo diagram coverage, inspiring action shots, maps for every crag and a comprehensive index.

Crags covered by this Guide
Pembrokeshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bosherston Head 94 Limestone all
Caerfai Bay 46 Sandstone (hard) S
Carreg-y-Barcud Area 130 Sandstone (hard) S
Chapel Point 58 Limestone S
Crickmail Point 80 Limestone S
Crystal Slabs Area 57 Limestone S
Elegug Stacks Bay 34 Limestone all
Flimston Bay 82 Limestone S
Greenham Common 76 Limestone S
Hollow Caves Bay 77 Limestone S
Huntsman's Leap 73 Limestone S
Iron Age Fort 78 Limestone S
Lydstep Cavern Bay 204 Limestone S
Lydstep Point Area 75 Limestone S
Mewsford Point 76 Limestone SW
Misty Walls 25 Limestone S
Mother Carey's Kitchen 90 Limestone SE
Mount Sion East 130 Limestone S
Mowing Word 120 Limestone W
Newton Head 80 Limestone S
Penally East 150 Limestone S
Penally West 216 Limestone S
Porthclais Area 66 Sandstone (hard) S
Rusty Walls 61 Limestone SW
Saddle Bay 57 Limestone SW
Saddle Head 115 Limestone W
Sitting Bull Buttress 13 Limestone S
South Buttress 11 Gabbro S
Space Buttress 15 Limestone S
St. David's Head East 101 Gabbro N
St. David's Head West 144 Gabbro NW
St. Govan's East 107 Limestone SE
St. Govan's Head 154 Limestone SW
St. Non's Bay 117 Sandstone (soft) SE
Stack Rocks Area 36 Limestone S
Stackpole Head 144 Limestone all
Stennis Ford 57 Limestone S
Stennis Head 107 Limestone SW
The Castle 109 Limestone SW
Trevallen Cliff 130 Limestone S
Triple Overhang Buttress 23 Limestone S
Western Walls 113 Limestone W

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