Morwind on Aonoch Mor
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3 star Scottish winter ticklist

contributed by LakesWinter Jan/15

All the 3 and 4 star routes from the SMC book Scottish Winter Climbs

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North Wall Groove (Winter)VI 6 42?The Cobbler
Deadman's Groove (Winter)VI 7 12?The Cobbler
Recess Route (Winter)V 6 5090m• 5The Cobbler
Ben's FaultIV 5 ***11?• 4Beinn Ime
Monolith GroovesIV 5 ***94130m• 5Beinn an Lochain
Tainted ElixirV 6 ***4865m• 3Ben Cruachan
GoldfingerVII 7 ***885m• 3Ben Cruachan
Quartzvein ScoopIV 4 ***481?Beinn Udlaidh
Cut ThroatVI 6 ***3?Beinn Udlaidh
Sunshine GullyIII ***228?Beinn Udlaidh
The SmirkV 5 ***24?Beinn Udlaidh
MessiahVII 7 ***88?Beinn Dorain
Fahrenheit 451IV 4 ***53135m• 3Creag Coire an...
TaxusIII ***230240mBeinn an Dothaidh
CirrusIV 4 ***68?Beinn an Dothaidh
Pas De DeuxV 6 ***28?Beinn an Dothaidh
Raven's Gully (Winter)V 6 ***41?Buachaille Etive Mor
Raven's Edge (Winter)VII 7 ***4?• 5Buachaille Etive Mor
North Buttress - West Route (Winter)IV 4 ***615300mBuachaille Etive Mor
Crowberry Gully (Winter)IV 4 **407300m• 5Buachaille Etive Mor
Curved RidgeII 3 1231240mBuachaille Etive Mor
Shelf RouteIV 6 ***58165mBuachaille Etive Mor
Agag's Groove (Winter)VII 6 16105m• 4Buachaille Etive Mor
Sron na Lairig (Winter)II ***509?Stob Coire...
The Fox's PawVII 7 ***1115m• 4Lost Valley Buttress
NeanderthalVII 7 ***37115m• 4Lost Valley Buttress
Scabbard ChimneyV 6 ***233?Bidean nam Bian -...
Dorsal ArĂȘte (Winter)II ***1649120m• 3Bidean nam Bian -...
Twisting GullyIII 4 ***571140m• 4Bidean nam Bian -...
Chimney RouteVI 6 ***78?Bidean nam Bian -...
SC GullyIII ***407150mBidean nam Bian -...
Tilt (Winter)VI 7 ***75?Bidean nam Bian -...
East Face Direct DirectVII 7 ***12?Bidean nam Bian -...
Central Grooves (Winter)VII 7 ***75?Bidean nam Bian -...
Ordinary Route (Central Buttress), AKA Raeburn's RouteIV 4 ***489150m• 3Bidean nam Bian -...
Crest RouteV 7 ***159?Bidean nam Bian -...
No.6 GullyIV 4 ***243240mAonach Dubh
Deep-Cut Chimney (Winter)IV 4 ***142?Bidean nam Bian -...
Central GullyIV 4 ***43?Bidean nam Bian -...
Un Poco LocoVII 7 ***44?Bidean nam Bian
Crypt Route (winter)V 6 ***140?Bidean nam Bian
Aonach Eagach Ridge (Winter)II ***1345?Aonach Eagach -...
Route MajorIV 4 ***14?Ben Nevis
North East ButtressIV 5 ***476300mBen Nevis
Minus Two GullyV 5 ***181?Ben Nevis
Minus One GullyVI 6 ***93?Ben Nevis
AstronomyVI 5 **4?Ben Nevis
Orion Face DirectV 5 ***369?Ben Nevis
Zero GullyV 4 ***267300mBen Nevis
Observatory RidgeV 4 ***202420mBen Nevis
Hadrian's Wall DirectV 5 ***379300mBen Nevis
SickleV 5 ***86?Ben Nevis
Galactic HitchhikerVI 5 ***14?Ben Nevis
Point Five GullyV 5 ***790?Ben Nevis
Left Edge RouteV 5 ***13?Ben Nevis
Rubicon WallV 5 ***30?Ben Nevis
Good Friday ClimbIII ***308150m• 3Ben Nevis
Indicator WallV 4 ***192?Ben Nevis
AlbatrossVI 5 ***20?Ben Nevis
Psychedelic WallVI 5 ***67?Ben Nevis
Kellett's RouteVI 6 ***19?Ben Nevis
Smith's RouteV 5 ***331?Ben Nevis
Tower RidgeIV 3 ***1580800mBen Nevis
Vanishing GullyV 5 ***357200mBen Nevis
StringfellowVI 6 ***28?Ben Nevis
Glovers ChimneyIII 4 ***379240m• 3Ben Nevis
Raeburn's Easy RouteII ***171250mBen Nevis
Number Two GullyII ***596120mBen Nevis
Comb GullyIV 4 ***630?Ben Nevis
Tower Face of the CombVI 6 ***68?Ben Nevis
Green GullyIV 3 ***936?Ben Nevis
Number Three Gully ButtressIII 4 ***434160mBen Nevis
Two-Step CornerV 5 ***142?Ben Nevis
Gargoyle WallVI 6 ***124?Ben Nevis
Darth VaderVII 7 ***61?Ben Nevis
Central Gully Right-HandIV 4 ***196?Ben Nevis
Mega Route XV 6 ***46?Ben Nevis
Ledge RouteII ***1535450mBen Nevis
The CurtainIV 5 ***443?Ben Nevis
Route II DirectVI 6 ***14?Ben Nevis
Shield DirectVII 7 ***7?Ben Nevis
GeminiVI 6 ***74?Ben Nevis
Harrison's Climb DirectIV 4 ***99?Ben Nevis
Stirling BridgeVI 7 ***36?Aonach Mor
White SharkIV 5 ***154110mAonach Mor
MorwindIV 4 ***132?Aonach Mor
TyphoonIV 4 ***47?Aonach Mor
Left TwinIII 4 ***337?Aonach Mor
Right TwinII ***234?Aonach Mor
Jet StreamIV 4 ***63?Aonach Mor
Golden OldyII ***496500mAonach Mor
Western RibIII ***246500mAonach Mor
Royal PardonVI 5 ***39?Aonach Beag
CentrepointVI 7 ***890m• 3Stob Coire an Laoigh
Some Like It HotVII 7 ***470m• 2Stob Coire an Laoigh
Blue RinseVI 7 ***280mStob Coire an Laoigh
TaliballanV 6 ***2870mStob Coire an Laoigh
Raeburn's GullyI ***166?Creag Meagaidh
Smith's GullyVI 5 ***123?Creag Meagaidh
The Fly DirectVII 6 ***4?Creag Meagaidh
Last PostV 5 ***163?Creag Meagaidh
South Post DirectV 4 ***97?Creag Meagaidh
Centre PostIII ***62?Creag Meagaidh
North PostV 5 ***26?Creag Meagaidh
North Post Direct FinishVI 5 ***6?Creag Meagaidh
Staghorn GullyIII ***234?Creag Meagaidh
Postman PatVII 7 **3?Creag Meagaidh
The PumpkinV 4 ***295260m• 5Creag Meagaidh
The MessageIV 6 63090m• 4Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Pot of GoldV 6 258?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
The GenieV 7 150?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
White MagicVII 7 42110m• 4Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Pygmy RidgeIV 5 ***380?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
The RunnelII ***1400120m• 3Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Fluted Buttress DirectIV 5 ***309?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Fingers RidgeIV 5 ***738140mCairn Gorm - Stob...
Fiacaill CouloirII ***616?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Daddy Longlegs (Winter)VIII 9 17?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
The HoarmasterVI 6 ***15060m• 2Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Y-Gully Right BranchII ***242?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Savage Slit (Winter)V 6 47290m• 2Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Fallout Corner (Winter)VI 7 16280mCairn Gorm - Cairn...
Western Route (Winter)IV 6 102?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Hell's LumII 154?Hell's Lum
Deep Cut ChimneyIV 5 270150m• 3Hell's Lum
Brimstone GrooveIV 4 25?Hell's Lum
Devil's DelightV 5 22?Hell's Lum
Sticil FaceV 6 91?Shelterstone Crag
The CitadelVII 8 18270mShelterstone Crag
The GuillotineV 6 53?Ben Macdui - Carn...
Route MajorIV 5 169?Ben Macdui - Carn...
ScorpionVI 6 39?Ben Macdui - Carn...
Red Chimney (Winter)V 5 12150mBen Macdui -...
Djibangi (Winter)V 4 1140mBen Macdui -...
Gold Coast DirectV 5 1180mBeinn a' Bhuird -...
Mitre Ridge (Winter)V 6 31?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Cumming-Crofton Route (Winter)VI 6 12?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Magic PillarIV 5 ***10980m• 3Lochnagar
Shadow Buttress AIV 5 ***155300mLochnagar
ShadowlandsVI 7 ***15250mLochnagar
Polyphemus GullyV 5 ***115?Lochnagar
Eagle Ridge (Winter)VI 6 ***100?Lochnagar
Parallel Buttress (Winter)VI 6 ***15270m• 6Lochnagar
Trail of TearsVII 7 ***1130m• 5Lochnagar
Tough Guy (Winter)VII 7 ***6120m• 4Lochnagar
Raeburn's GullyII ***275?Lochnagar
Pinnacle Face (Winter)VI 7 ***7?Lochnagar
The Link DirectVIII 7 ***3180m• 8Lochnagar
The Black SpoutI **220250mLochnagar
Black Spout Buttress (Winter)III 5 ***80?Lochnagar
Prince of DarknessVI 7 ***3250m• 7Lochnagar
Hanging Garden Route (Left Fork)V 4 ***18?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Labyrinth DirectVII 6 ***20?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Vertigo Wall (Winter)VII 7 ***17?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Diagonal GullyIII ***63200m• 4Driesh
Look C GullyIV 4 ***143?Coire Fee
B Gully Chimney (Winter)III 4 ***63?Coire Fee
Forcan Ridge (Winter)I/II ***312?The Saddle
The StonkerIV 5 ***24180m• 4Coire na h-eilde
The fast laneIV 4 ***690mCoire na h-eilde
Tholl GateVI 6 ***17?Fuar Tholl
The AyatollahVII 7 ***4190m• 5Fuar Tholl
Cold HoleVI 5 ***250mFuar Tholl
Enigma (Winter)VII 7 ***3230mFuar Tholl
Sleuth Original Winter RouteVII 7 ***2240mFuar Tholl
SupersleuthVII 8 ***7?• 4Fuar Tholl
Snoopy (Winter)VII 7 ***2?Fuar Tholl
Post Box GullyII ***24180mSgorr Ruadh
Tango in the NightVI 7 ***18100m• 5Sgorr Ruadh
A'Chioch TraverseII ***121?Beinn Bhan
North Gully of A'ChiochII ***21140mBeinn Bhan
March Hare's GullyIV 4 ***53300m• 4Beinn Bhan
silver tearV 5 ***36350m• 7Beinn Bhan
Wall of the Early Morning LightIV 5 ***5370m• 9Beinn Bhan
The CoolerVI 6 ***10?Beinn Bhan
GenesisVII 7 ***5305m• 8Beinn Bhan
Die RiesenwandVII 6 ***6400mBeinn Bhan
Gully of the GodsVI 6 ***36180mBeinn Bhan
Great Overhanging GullyVI 7 ***16180mBeinn Bhan
Cobolt ButtressIV 5 ***29140m• 5Meall Gorm
Sundance (Winter)VIII 8 ***19?Beinn Eighe
VishnuVII 6 ***2110m• 4Beinn Eighe
Kami-kaze (Winter)VI 7 ***29100mBeinn Eighe
Shang-High (Winter)VII 7 ***24120mBeinn Eighe
East Buttress (Winter)IV 5 ***131?Beinn Eighe
Pelican (Winter)VI 6 ***3?Beinn Eighe
Central Buttress (Winter)VI 7 ***65?Beinn Eighe
Central Buttress - Grade IV LineIV 5 ***2300mBeinn Eighe
West Central GullyVII 8 ***1?Beinn Eighe
Blood, Sweat and Frozen TearsVIII 8 ***18100m• 3Beinn Eighe
West Buttress (Winter)IV 5 ***77400mBeinn Eighe
West Buttress DirettissimaVII 8 ***3310mBeinn Eighe
Lawson, Ling and Glover's Route (Winter)Grade-2 *39400mBeinn Eighe - Sail...
Jenga (No.2 Gully)VI 7 ***-300mBeinn Eighe - Sail...
Main Ridge Traverse (winter)II ***317?Liathach - Spidean...
Umbrella FallV 5 ***60230mLiathach - Spidean...
The Salmon LeapVI 6 ***50?Liathach - Spidean...
Poacher's FallV 5 ***175150mLiathach - Spidean...
Test DepartmentVI 6 ***3185m• 4Liathach - Spidean...
GeorgeIII 4 ***134?Liathach - Spidean...
Sinister ProngIV 5 ***34230m• 4Liathach - Spidean...
Twisting GullyII ***21?Liathach - Spidean...
Northern Pinnacles (Winter)III **61200mLiathach - Spidean...
Deep South GullyI ***77250mBeinn Alligin -...
Skyscraper ButtressVI 7 ***7240mSgurr nan Clach...
Gamma GullyV 5 ***10210m• 5Sgurr nan Clach...
The ResurrectionIII ***43?Sgurr Mor
Emerald GullyIV 4 ***29?Beinn Dearg
Fenian GullyIV 4 ***27200m• 4Beinn Dearg
The Ice HoseV 4 ***14350m• 5Beinn Dearg
Penguin GullyIII 4 ***126320m• 8Beinn Dearg
An Teallach Ridge (Winter)II ***275?An Teallach -...
Hayfork GullyI ***58?An Teallach -...
HaystackVI 7 ***2?An Teallach -...
1978 Face RouteIV 4 ***12400m• 8An Teallach -...
Lord's GullyII/III **7370mAn Teallach -...
559 stars35,58020,965m• 388
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