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Tesni aged 11 on Slate First ascent
© Sl@te Head, Aug 2010

Sl@teheads Sl@te ticklist

contributed by Sl@te Head Feb/19

My contribution to the Dinorwic Slate Quarries, grades from VS to E6 Trad and 4a to 7c Sport. A list of my own slate first ascents and also routes I cleaned and bolted for others. Enjoy....

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
The Rock Bottom Line7b+ ***22135m• 5Twll Mawr
Dark Side of the Moon7b *222mTwll Mawr
Champagne Supernova7b **250mTwll Mawr
Black Hole Sun7a+ ***4875m• 3Twll Mawr
Tân y Ddraig7a **52180m• 6Twll Mawr
Supermassive Black Hole7a ***14075m• 4Twll Mawr
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun7a **1322mTwll Mawr
Black Holes and Revelations7a **1775m• 2Twll Mawr
Black Hole of Calcutta7a *855m• 2Twll Mawr
The Desolation of Smaug!6c **172145m• 6Twll Mawr
Imagine Dragons6b **5947m• 2Twll Mawr
Black Holes and Revelations - The Wobbly Ladder Pitch6b **925mTwll Mawr
Black Hole of Calcutta (P2)6a+ *6?Twll Mawr
Cam-ikaze CornerE3 6a *-15mTwll Mawr
Lost in the EchoE2 5b *-25mTwll Mawr
RhyfelwrE2 5b **4727mTwll Mawr
Booooom, Blast & RuinVS 4c *622mTwll Mawr
Tunnel VisionV5 38mTwll Mawr
Glasgow Kiss7b+ **730mAustralia
Toe be or not Toe be...7b 1812mAustralia
Ziplock7b **815mAustralia
Pulverised7b 320mAustralia
Øyenstikker7a *215mAustralia
Slabaholics Anonymous7a+ **2127mAustralia
Rock Yoga7a+ **10318mAustralia
Cirith Ungol7a+ **11?Australia
Boulevard of Broken Dreams7a+ *3414mAustralia
G'Day Corner7a+ *225mAustralia
Walk this way7a **3422mAustralia
Mister Blister7a *1617mAustralia
Impact Zone7a **1416mAustralia
Fontaineslab7a *215mAustralia
Mynd am Aur7a *7315mAustralia
Slabology7a *3525mAustralia
Hack the Jugular6c *325mAustralia
Shorty's Dyno (Short Person's Method)6c+ 249?Australia
Crazy Train6c **70?Australia
Wave Rock6c **1615mAustralia
Sleeper6c 23?Australia
Donald Duck6c *107?Australia
Y Rhaffwr6c **1216mAustralia
Slab Rog6b+ ***12117mAustralia
Ride like the wind!6b+ *6?Australia
Scarface Claw6b+ **71?Australia
The Olympic Torch6b+ **7715mAustralia
Feeling Rusty?6b+ *18613mAustralia
To infinity and beyond!6b **15?Australia
SlabSlayer6b **5413mAustralia
Cyber World Sl@te Heads6a+ *509?Australia
Orangutang Overhang6a+ **864?Australia
Hogiau Pen Garet6a+ *89?Australia
Better Slate than Never6a+ *715mAustralia
Clash of the Titans6a **53140mAustralia
The Curious Incident6a *25?Australia
Shorty's Dyno (Tall Person's Method)6a *73?Australia
Celtic Blood6a *5420mAustralia
Harri Bach Llanrug6a **17818mAustralia
Plastic Soldier6a **76140mAustralia
Surprise Surprise6a *1107?Australia
Sl@tehead's Arête6a+ *6016mAustralia
Sport 4 All5a 615?Australia
Kinder Surprise5a *1005?Australia
Steps of Glory5a **1331?Australia
The Garet Slide4a 1312mAustralia
Zzzooming The TubeE3 6a *50?Australia
Planet Zzzoink AreteE3 5c -?Australia
Just for FunE2 5c *22811mAustralia
The Man Who Fell to EarthE2 5c 4?Australia
Brief EncounterHVS 5a *18420mAustralia
Finatic6c *54?Bus Stop Quarry
Bohemian Slabsody7a **410mBus Stop Quarry
Drivin' the Karma Bus6a+ 126mBus Stop Quarry
Bosch Stop Quarry6a+ *350?Bus Stop Quarry
Bish Bash Bosch6a+ *330?Bus Stop Quarry
Mini Bus Stop6a 179?Bus Stop Quarry
Jenga4c *326?Bus Stop Quarry
Jagged Face4a *486?Bus Stop Quarry
Slabs 'R' Us7b *424mCalifornia
Welcome to the Machine7a **840mCalifornia
We no speak Americano!6a **8630m• 2California
Cavity Wall7c **1120mNever Never Land
Let Yourself Go!7a *2214mNever Never Land
Super Slinky7a *3513mNever Never Land
Easy for Caterpillars7a 2112mNever Never Land
Swiss Air6c *8920mNever Never Land
Release the Kraken!6b+ *18622mNever Never Land
Operation Bee Line6c+ 422mNever Never Land
Macsen5c *150?Never Never Land
Hawk Eye5c **59720mNever Never Land
Octogenarian5b **16518mNever Never Land
Learning to Fly5a **10118mNever Never Land
Suspension of DisbeliefE4 6a -22mNever Never Land
Shock the MonkeyHVS 5a 2625mNever Never Land
Diagonal Dilemma7b *1?Serengeti
Y Gwaedlyd7a *44?Serengeti
Seam, StressE6 6a 1220mSerengeti
No ProblemE4 6b 1?Serengeti
Igam-OgamE4 6a *16?Serengeti
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S)5b *-20mSerengeti
Honorary Limestone7a **1022mRainbow Slab Area
Chinook Arete7a **1523mRainbow Slab Area
Doobie the Dugong7a 312mRainbow Slab Area
Paradise Lost Direct6c+ *3?Rainbow Slab Area
Monster Munch6c+ *9312mRainbow Slab Area
Teenage Dreams6b **14018mRainbow Slab Area
Celtic Warrior6a+ **13715mRainbow Slab Area
Circus Skills6a *17712mRainbow Slab Area
Slate Ninja6a **14615mRainbow Slab Area
White Tiger6a **17114mRainbow Slab Area
Magic Carpet5a *18315mRainbow Slab Area
Colin's Arete4c 142?Rainbow Slab Area
Y RybelwrE4 6a *222mRainbow Slab Area
Saruman7a **330mThe Lost...
XXXposure6a+ *98mThe Lost...
Slip Not6a+ 21?Dali's Hole
Why Knot?6a+ 21?Dali's Hole
Dali's Lemming Ducklings (care to be taken)E3 6b -?Dali's Hole
Tower of LaughterE1 6a *62?Dali's Hole
Jex's Fumble Clipping Arete (care to be taken)HVS 5a 312mDali's Hole
Hobbits, Ladders and TunnelsXS ***1?Twll Mawr
43 e, 148 stars14,3382,221m• 143