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Cold Climbs ticklist

contributed by LakesWinter Feb/11

A list of the many classic routes of Cold Climbs. This is a full list and includes all routes mentioned on crag diagrams. Also if a route was deemed worthy of a photo it is included in the list, but not every route mentioned in the text is included at the moment.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Emerald GullyIV 4 ***29?Beinn Dearg
Penguin GullyIII 4 ***126320m• 8Beinn Dearg
Gamma GullyV 5 ***10210m• 5Sgurr nan Clach...
The ResurrectionIII ***43?Sgurr Mor
Central Buttress (Winter)VI 7 ***65?Beinn Eighe
Mad Hatter's GullyV 5 **32300mBeinn Bhan
silver tearV 5 ***36350m• 7Beinn Bhan
March Hare's GullyIV 4 ***53300m• 4Beinn Bhan
Die RiesenwandVII 6 ***6400mBeinn Bhan
Cuillin Ridge Traverse (Winter)IV ***77?Cuillin Ridge...
Minus One GullyVI 6 ***93?Ben Nevis
Minus Two GullyV 5 ***181?Ben Nevis
North East ButtressIV 5 ***476300mBen Nevis
Orion Face DirectV 5 ***369?Ben Nevis
Zero GullyV 4 ***267300mBen Nevis
Observatory RidgeV 4 ***202420mBen Nevis
Observatory ButtressV 4 **133?Ben Nevis
Point Five GullyV 5 ***790?Ben Nevis
Hadrian's Wall DirectV 5 ***379300mBen Nevis
Galactic HitchhikerVI 5 ***14?Ben Nevis
Smith's RouteV 5 ***331?Ben Nevis
Tower RidgeIV 3 ***1580800mBen Nevis
Comb GullyIV 4 ***630?Ben Nevis
Green GullyIV 3 ***936?Ben Nevis
Glovers ChimneyIII 4 ***379240m• 3Ben Nevis
The CurtainIV 5 ***443?Ben Nevis
Route II DirectVI 6 ***14?Ben Nevis
Crowberry Gully (Winter)IV 4 **407300m• 5Buachaille Etive Mor
Raven's Gully (Winter)V 6 ***41?Buachaille Etive Mor
SC GullyIII ***407150mBidean nam Bian -...
Twisting GullyIII 4 ***571140m• 4Bidean nam Bian -...
No.6 GullyIV 4 ***243240mAonach Dubh
Deep-Cut Chimney (Winter)IV 4 ***142?Bidean nam Bian -...
Smith's GullyVI 5 ***123?Creag Meagaidh
North PostV 5 ***26?Creag Meagaidh
South Post DirectV 4 ***97?Creag Meagaidh
Staghorn GullyIII ***234?Creag Meagaidh
South Pipe DirectIV 4 **114?Creag Meagaidh
The Crab CrawlIV 4 ***12,400mCreag Meagaidh
The WandV 5 **131?• 3Creag Meagaidh
The PumpkinV 4 ***295260m• 5Creag Meagaidh
DiademIV 4 *53200m• 3Creag Meagaidh
Deep Cut ChimneyIV 5 270150m• 3Hell's Lum
Central Crack RouteIV 5 176?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
The VentII 310?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Western Route (Winter)IV 6 102?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Y-Gully Right BranchII ***242?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Y-Gully Left BranchIV 4 **53?Cairn Gorm - Cairn...
Broken GullyIII *199?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
Red GullyII **930?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
White NileV 5 **2?Braeriach an Garbh...
Sticil FaceV 6 91?Shelterstone Crag
ScorpionVI 6 39?Ben Macdui - Carn...
Route MajorIV 5 169?Ben Macdui - Carn...
Mitre Ridge (Winter)V 6 31?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Tough-Brown Traverse (Winter)IV 3 **18?Lochnagar
Polyphemus GullyV 5 ***115?Lochnagar
Parallel Buttress (Winter)VI 6 ***15270m• 6Lochnagar
Eagle Ridge (Winter)VI 6 ***100?Lochnagar
Parallel Gully BV 5 **43?Lochnagar
Pinnacle Face (Winter)VI 7 ***7?Lochnagar
Raeburn's GullyII ***275?Lochnagar
Labyrinth DirectVII 6 ***20?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Look C GullyIV 4 ***143?Coire Fee
B Gully Chimney (Winter)III 4 ***63?Coire Fee
Ice CrewIII **85?Beinn Udlaidh
Quartzvein ScoopIV 4 ***481?Beinn Udlaidh
Cut ThroatVI 6 ***3?Beinn Udlaidh
Captain HookVI 6 **2080m• 2Beinn Udlaidh
The CrocV 5 **51?Beinn Udlaidh
Peter Pan DirectV 5 **152?Beinn Udlaidh
The CrampIV 4 **3120m• 4Beinn Udlaidh
South Gully of The Black WallIV 4 **188?Beinn Udlaidh
Green EyesIV 4 *113120m• 3Beinn Udlaidh
Ramshead GullyIII *48?Beinn Udlaidh
Monolith GroovesIV 5 ***94130m• 5Beinn an Lochain
Taxus Icefall FinishIV 4 **153240m• 4Beinn an Dothaidh
Upper CircleIII *2?Beinn an Dothaidh
The SkraelingIV 5 *25?Beinn an Dothaidh
HaarIII *14?Beinn an Dothaidh
CirrusIV 4 ***68?Beinn an Dothaidh
West ButtressIII *72?Beinn an Dothaidh
ClonusIV 5 *21?Beinn an Dothaidh
Grey Mares Tail (RH)IV ***42150m• 4Grey Mare's Tail
Moss Ghyll (Winter)IV 5 ***85135m• 4Scafell Crag
Steep GhyllV 4 **26210m• 4Scafell Crag
Right-Hand BranchV 4 ***16100m• 3Wasdale Screes
Inaccessible GullyV 5 ***28110m• 3Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Chock GullyV 5 **55135m• 4Dollywaggon Pike
Dove Crag GullyV 5 ***37165mDove Crag...
South East GullyIII ***302200mGreat End
Left-hand GrooveIV 4 **18137mGreat End
Right-hand GrooveIII *14140mGreat End
Central Gully Left BranchIII **451110mGreat End
Central Gully Right BranchII **336200m• 5Great End
Window GullyII/III **416140mGreat End
Raven Crag Gully (Winter)IV ***129?Raven Crag, Combe...
Great Gully (Winter)IV ***25?Craig Yr Ysfa
Western GullyV 6 ***62?Ysgolion Duon...
YpresV 5 **4?Ysgolion Duon...
Eastern GullyIII 3 **79?Ysgolion Duon...
Pyramid GullyIV 5 **74?Ysgolion Duon...
Pyramid ButtressIV *4?Ysgolion Duon...
Jacob's LadderV 5 *1?Ysgolion Duon...
Central GullyIII 5 **41?Ysgolion Duon...
GallipoliV 5 **27?Ysgolion Duon...
PasschendaleV 5 ***9?Ysgolion Duon...
The SommeV 6 ***15?Ysgolion Duon...
Icefall GullyIV 4 *36?Ysgolion Duon...
The Devil's AppendixVI 6 ***39130m• 3Devils Kitchen (Cwm...
Slanting GullyV **10250m• 4Y Lliwedd
Central GullyV ***1265m• 4Y Lliwedd
The Black CleftVII ***14?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
Central TrinityII 2 ***550?Clogwyn y Garnedd
Left-hand TrinityII 2 **177?Clogwyn y Garnedd
Right-hand TrinityIII 3 *183?Clogwyn y Garnedd
SnowdropIV ***28?Clogwyn y Garnedd
Ladies' GullyIII 3 ***91?Clogwyn y Garnedd
Trinity ButtressIII 3 **16?Clogwyn y Garnedd
CouloirIV 8?Clogwyn y Garnedd
Cave GullyIII 4 ***67?Clogwyn y Garnedd
South GullyIV 4 ***226140m• 4Devils Kitchen (Cwm...
Chicane GullyIII 4 **101120m• 3Devils Kitchen (Cwm...
The Devils Kitchen (Winter)IV 4 ***11630mDevils Kitchen (Cwm...
Devil's StaircaseV 6 ***6100m• 4Devils Kitchen (Cwm...
Hanging Garden GullyIV *2100m• 3Devils Kitchen (Cwm...
East GullyIV *6200m• 4Glyder Fawr
Central GullyIV 4 *8230mGlyder Fawr
Pillar Chimney OriginalV 6 ***60120m• 3Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y...
Clogwyn Du Right Hand BranchIII 3 **180?• 3Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y...
TrojanV 12?• 2Cadair Idris -...
Central Icefall DirectVI 6 ***25?• 3Craig y Rhaeadr
CascadeV 5 ***44?• 3Craig y Rhaeadr
MariaV ***540mGallt Yr Ogof
Clogwyn Left Hand BranchIV 5 ***198125m• 4Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y...
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