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Routes to top rope solo

Cocaine Place, on-sight solo  © Andy Stephenson
Cocaine Place, on-sight solo
© Andy Stephenson, Jan 1981

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Graham showing total concentration on an E1

Graham showing total concentration on an E1
© Deltona

One last route

One last route
© Sam W

Pedlar's Slab soloing at the end of a day...

Pedlar's Slab
Pedlar's Slab soloing at the end of a day...
© Grit-addict

Mantelpiece Buttress Direct

Mantelpiece Buttress Direct
© hun

Eric in full flow at Stanage

Trainer Failure
Eric in full flow at Stanage
© Mark Leicester

A great solo at Stanage with the crag to ourselves.
Mantelpiece Buttress Direct HVS 5b

Mantelpiece Buttress Direct
A great solo at Stanage with the crag to ourselves. Mantelpiece Buttress Direct HVS 5b
© kareylarey

Golden hour on the slabs

Golden hour on the slabs
© Challpike

Meringue - Autumns here.

Meringue - Autumns here.
© IanJackson

Warming up at Stanage

Trainer Failure
Warming up at Stanage
© Don Walker

Getting stuck in to David...

Getting stuck in to David...
© Charley Fell

Laybacking David

Laybacking David
© Olli-C

First solo in years

Slopey Side
First solo in years
© Stuart Brooks

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Suspense VS 5b * 215 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Mellicious E1 5c 20 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Tensile Test E1 5c * 159 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Elastic Limit E1 5c 85 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Pass By E1 5c 19 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Splitter E1 5b * 12 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Split Chimney Wall HVS 5b * 55 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Fumf VS 5a * 365 5m Rivelin Edge
Wobbly Wall HVS 5b * 198 5m Rivelin Edge
Cocaine Place HVS 5a 74 8m Rivelin Edge
Wilkinson's Wall VS 4b * 196 8m Rivelin Edge
Mount Krusty VS 4c 2 7m Rivelin Edge
Long John f6A * 143 8m Bamford Edge
Three Real Men Dancing f6B+ ** 40 8m Bamford Edge
Dynamite Groove E1 5c 26 10m Bamford Edge
Slopey Side HVS 5b 60 6m Bamford Edge
Mr M'Quod and the Anti-rock Squad f5+ * 61 ? Stanage North
Problem Corner VS 5a * 159 6m Stanage North
Don's Delight E1 5b * 133 8m Stanage North
Short 'n' Gritty HS 4b 3 6m Stanage North
Ledges, Edges VS 4b 7 ? Stanage North
Pulse VS 4c 199 6m Stanage North
Going Grey HVS 5a 34 7m Stanage North
The Long and the Short VS 5c 35 7m Stanage North
Lamia Antics HVS 5b 38 6m Stanage North
Fate E2 5c ** 392 8m Stanage North
Cent E1 5a 422 ? Stanage North
Following On VS 5a 168 12m Stanage North
Sharpener HVS 5a 104 8m Stanage Plantation
Kitkat VS 5a * 112 ? Stanage Plantation
D.I.Y. f6B *** 291 8m Stanage Plantation
Shard HVS 5b * 102 6m Stanage Plantation
Splinter HVS 5b * 176 6m Stanage Plantation
Narlavision HVS 5a 79 6m Stanage Plantation
Standing Around Trying VS 5a 64 6m Stanage Plantation
Swooper E5 6b * 10 6m Stanage Plantation
Zero Point HVS 5a * 118 ? Stanage Plantation
Tridymite slab VS 5a * 231 ? Stanage Plantation
Mitch Pitch E1 5c * 134 6m Stanage Plantation
Beady Eye Right VS 5a 135 7m Stanage Popular
Little Pete HVS 5a 44 8m Stanage Popular
Public Face VS 5a 23 ? Stanage Popular
Pedlar's Slab HVS 5c ** 828 10m Stanage Popular
Elastic VS 4c 142 ? Stanage Popular
Oblique Buttress VS 5b * 459 11m Stanage Popular
Albert's Pillar VS 4c 197 ? Stanage Popular
Fragile Mantel VS 5a * 355 8m Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Buttress Direct HVS 5b * 511 8m Stanage Popular
Plate Glass Slab VS 4c * 1209 8m Stanage Popular
Trivial Pursuit (Blunt Arête) VS 4b * 642 8m Stanage Popular
Trainer Failure VS 5a * 384 6m Stanage Popular
Pudding HVS 5c 45 ? Stanage Popular
Salt and Vinegar HS 4b 41 6m Stanage Popular
Chips E2 5c 29 7m Stanage Popular
The Edging Machine HVS 5b 136 ? Burbage North
Tharf Cake HVS 5a * 442 8m Burbage North
Crystal Tips E3 6a 85 8m Burbage North
Pebble Crack HVS 5a * 31 ? Burbage South Edge
Breathless HVS 5b 30 ? Burbage South Edge
Split Nose HVS 5a * 49 6m Burbage South Edge
Booby Prize E3 6b 1 ? Burbage South Edge
Broddle VS 4c 184 8m Burbage South Edge
Limmock HVS 5b * 158 10m Burbage South Edge
Lino HVS 5a 33 10m Burbage South Edge
The Birth of Liquid Desires HVS 5a 32 6m Burbage South Edge
David HVS 4c *** 401 10m Burbage South Edge
Every Man and his Dog E1 5b 254 ? Lawrencefield
Meringue HVS 5a * 2462 10m Lawrencefield
Betwixt E1 5a * 24 6m Curbar Edge
Saltheart Foamfollower HVS 5c * 118 8m Birchen Edge
Old Codger VS 4c * 111 10m Birchen Edge
Bold Codger E2 6a 7 ? Birchen Edge
Wooden Leg Wall HVS 5c * 80 10m Birchen Edge
Das Boot VS 5a 44 ? Birchen Edge
Flataback E1 6a 25 6m Birchen Edge
29 e, 45 stars 14,492 422m 75
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