A snowy ascent of West Side Story 7b+
Dave Turnbull, Dec 2014
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Peak Rock/16/Eighties Gritstone :The Shape of Things to Come ticklist

contributed by Bloke on a Rope Jan/14

All the routes from chapter 16 of Peak Rock. You'll need to be some kind of Jedi gritstone master to tick this one! Routes from Fawcett (Masters Edge E76b), Moffatt (Ulysses E66b), Jonny Woodward (Beau Geste E76b), Nick Dixon (A Fist Full of Crystals E66b), John Allenn (Shirley's Shinning Temple E57a), Mark Leach (Screaming Dream E77a), Simon Nadin (Art Nouveau E66c, Thing on a Spring E67a, Dangerous Crocodile Snogging E76c and Paralogism E76c) and last but not least Johnny Dawes (Silk E66c, The Brail Trail E76c, Kaluza Klien E76c, Gaia E86c and The End of the Affair E86c).

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
One Step BeyondE6 6b ***820mCurbar Edge
The Shape of Things to ComeE6 6b **816mCurbar Edge
MoonshineE5 6b ***3013mCurbar Edge
Cool MoonE7 6c ***3312mCurbar Edge
White LinesE7 6b ***713mCurbar Edge
White WaterE6 6c **187mCurbar Edge
CommittedE6 6b **358mCurbar Edge
King of the SwingersE5 6c **59mCurbar Edge
Ulysses or BustE5 6b ***638mCurbar Edge
The End of the AffairE8 6c ***6114mCurbar Edge
JanusE7 6b ***818mCurbar Edge
Crack and SlabE7 6c *212mCurbar Edge
The FallE6 6b **816mCurbar Edge
Happy HartE8 7a *118mCurbar Edge
Moon MadnessE7 6c *212mCurbar Edge
Knockin' on Heaven's DoorE9 6c ***1018mCurbar Edge
PulsarE5 6c 3?Higgar Tor
AntithesisE5 6b ***414mRoaches Upper Tier
Painted RumourE6 6a ***1524mRoaches Upper Tier
New Fi'nialE6 6b **128mRoaches Upper Tier
ParalogismE7 6c ***1614mRoaches Upper Tier
Barriers in TimeE6 6b ***3016mRoaches Lower Tier
A Fist Full of CrystalsE6 6b ***1012mRoaches Lower Tier
BloodstoneE5 6b **1018mRoaches Lower Tier
BloodspeedE6 6b **218mRoaches Lower Tier
Destination EarthE7 6b **212mRoaches Lower Tier
DougE8 6c **312mRoaches Lower Tier
Thing on a SpringE6 7a ***320mRoaches Lower Tier
Against the GrainE6 7a ***320mRoaches Lower Tier
K.P. NutsE7 7a *110mRoaches Lower Tier
Script for a TearE6 6c *97mRoaches Skyline
Art Nouveauf7B+ ***196mRoaches Skyline
NosferatuE6 6b ***23812mBurbage South Edge
Braille TrailE7 6c ***1510mBurbage South Edge
MessiahE7 6c ***1310mBurbage South Edge
OffspringE5 6b ***4910mBurbage South...
Masters of the UniverseE7 6c **15?Burbage South...
Living in OxfordE7 7a **410mBurbage North
West Side Storyf7B+ ***278?Burbage West
Mean StreakE6 6b *2412mFroggatt Edge
Beau GesteE7 6c ***1714mFroggatt Edge
Jugged HareE6 6a *2714mFroggatt Edge
Benign LivesE7 6b **548mFroggatt Edge
Screaming DreamE7 6c **46mFroggatt Edge
Toy BoyE7 6c *-15mFroggatt Edge
Velvet Silencef7A+ ***298mBlack Rocks
GaiaE8 6c ***3220mBlack Rocks
Saucius DigitalisE4 6a ***2012mShining Clough
ParanoidE6 6b *714mStanage Popular
Ulysses' BowE6 6b ***6120mStanage Plantation
The Crypt TripE6 6c **4320mStanage North
Heath RobinsonE6 6b ***616mStanage North
SaltationE5 6c 2?Stanage North
Weather ReportE6 6c **2610mStanage Plantation
SilkE5 6c ***3210mStanage Plantation
Sad Amongst FriendsE7 6c **28mStanage Popular
SkidooE6 6b *412mStanage Plantation
Boys Will Be BoysE6 6b **710mStanage Plantation
Grace and DangerE6 6c **714mStanage Plantation
Indian SummerE6 6c **522mStanage Plantation
Shirley's Shining Templef7C ***1110mStanage Plantation
Chip Shop Brawlf7A+ ***4512mStanage North
Careless Torquef8A ***13?Stanage Plantation
Scritto's RepublicE7 6c **1816mMillstone Edge
MonopolyE7 6b **2320mMillstone Edge
Wall Street CrashE5 6b **2220mMillstone Edge
The Master's EdgeE7 6c ***6018mMillstone Edge
Adam Smith's Invisible HandE6 6b **1120mMillstone Edge
PerplexityE6 6b ***2024mMillstone Edge
Clock PeopleE6 6c *114mMillstone Edge
Meeze BruggerE5 6b *614mMillstone Edge
Winter's GripE6 6b **1017mMillstone Edge
Master of RealityE6 6c ***2012mHen Cloud
MindbridgeE7 6c *112mHen Cloud
Parallel LinesE6 6c *114mHen Cloud
B4, XSE7 6b ***624mHen Cloud
The SalmonE7 6c *712mBamford Edge
Charlotte RamplingE6 6b **1710mGardom's Edge
Make it SnappyE6 6b ***3513mGardom's Edge
Spanish FlyE7 6c **615mGardom's Edge
Lost WorldE6 6c **12?Carl Wark
One Chromosome's MissingE7 6b ***918mHarston Rocks
New MediterraneanE5 6c **149mRivelin Edge
Kaluza KleinE7 6c ***37?Robin Hood's Stride
DharmaE7 6c ***1227mDuke's Quarry
The Children's HouseE5 6c **328mCratcliffe Tor
Dangerous Crocodile SnoggingE7 6b ***1810mRamshaw Rocks
Never, Never LandE7 6b ***3012mRamshaw Rocks
Neptune's ToolE6 6c ***420mWimberry Rocks
Appointment with FearE7 6b ***724mWimberry Rocks
Berlin WallE6 6c **124mWimberry Rocks
Wristcutter's LullabyE6 6c ***-22mWimberry Rocks
Scoop de GraceE5 7a ***212mRunning Hill Pits
StallE5 6c 38mGib Torr
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