OTS 2023 - Climbing Gear Show Report

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At OTS 2023 in Liverpool we got a chance to check out some of the new climbing gear due to hit the shelves next year: a range of bouldering pads from Black Diamond; interesting harnesses from the likes of Mammut, Ocun and Wild Country; and DMM's latest clean-nosed carabiner. 

22 Jun

Was that a red Spire Tech ice axe in the background of the DMM carabiner clip? Next to the Vertex. Or something new?

22 Jun
Good spot! DMM have powder coated the Spire and Spire Tech with a grippy surface and also made it red. There is now an aftermarket trigger which fits on both axes too although I can’t remember if this is already available (it was a long few days of being told about things!).
23 Jun

Cool, thanks! Yes the trigger was already available.

I don’t suppose any sign of new tech axes from DMM? I’ve heard rumours they might be refreshing the Switch and/or Apex but maybe too early for official news.

No sign of those at OTS, but I do hope the rumours are true

OTS tends to focus on products for the following spring/summer, so I wouldn't have expected them to be there; however, I'd hope that this rumour (which I have also heard...) will materialise at OTS/Slide, which takes place in January, and tends to focus on products coming out the following autumn/winter.

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