Almost latching the last hold on Deliverance
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The Stick It Tick List ticklist

contributed by GPN Jan/12

All the problems on the awesome Slackjaw film 'Stick It'.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Viennaf7B+ 53?Bowden Doors
Crucial TimesV12 **3?Parisella's Cave
Sweet Thingf8A *1?Robin Hood's Stride
Handy Andy's (Leach's Wall)f7A+ **91?Earl Crag
PythagorasV10 *-?Wavelength Boulders
The Attitude Inspectorf7A ***354?Burbage South Edge
The Stormf7B+ ***98?Stanage Plantation
Walk on Byf7C+ ***44?Curbar Edge
The Acef8B ***8?Stanage Plantation
Great Whitef7C **33?Curbar Edge
Closerf6A+ **116?Porth Ysgo
Popcorn PartyV6 ***184?Porth Ysgo
Fast Carsf6C+ ***114?Porth Ysgo
JawbreakerV5 **150?Porth Ysgo
Ysgo CrackV1 ***139?Porth Ysgo
The Incredible Shaking Man sdsf7B ***81?Porth Ysgo
Manchester DogsV11 *4?Angel Bay
Pool of Bethesdaf8A+ ***3?Cromlech boulders
Mr Fantasticf8A **29?Cromlech boulders
The MinimumV7 **174?Dinas Mot
LotusV10 **39?Wavelength Boulders
Killer Weedf7A **92?Wavelength Boulders
Barrel TraverseV9 **33?Dinas Mot
Diesel PowerV11 **38?Cromlech boulders
Sway OnV11 **4?Gallt yr Ogof...
Supermanf8B ***7?Crag X
The Thingf8A ***9?Crag X
Zaff Skoczylasf7C **106?Burbage North
Deliverancef7B+ ***614?Stanage Plantation
Jason's Rooff7B+ **12?Burbage North
Feel Goodf7C+ *1?Eagle Tor
Gibby Hainesf6B+ *83?Gib Torr
Ben's Rooff7C+ **237?Raven Tor (Miller's...
Lou FerrinoV10 ***111?Parisella's Cave
Rock Atrocityf7C **203?Parisella's Cave
Andy Brown's Wallf7B 82?Earl Crag
Grape Nut (With Bloc)f7A **81?Earl Crag
The Flakesf7B **54?Earl Crag
Underpantsf7B+ **35?Earl Crag
Superflyf7B+ *21?Earl Crag
Lager Lager Lager (Dave's Groove)f7C ***30?Earl Crag
Blockbusterf7C *60?Caley Crags
The Pinchf6C *252?Caley Crags
Pocket Rockf6B+ *834mCaley Crags
Back Stabberf6A+ *85?Caley Crags
Mr. Smoothf6A ***445?Caley Crags
The Hornf6B 335?Caley Crags
Bob's Bastard 1f5+ *233?Caley Crags
The Shield SSf7C **7?Dumbarton Rock
Malkyf7B+ *58?Dumbarton Rock
In Bloomf7C+ ***17?Dumbarton Rock
Hap Slappyf7B+ 56?Dumbarton Rock
Pongo True SSf8A ***15?Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo SSf7A+ **94?Dumbarton Rock
Consolidatedf7B+ ***66?Dumbarton Rock
Beatle Backf7C ***2?Nevis Bouldering
Demon Wall Roof Left-Handf7C ***39?Almscliff
The GypsyE3 6a ***13210mAlmscliff
Morrell's Wallf5+ ***1015?Almscliff
Matt's Rooff7B+ **22?Almscliff
Syrett's Rooff7A **3368mAlmscliff
The Real Keelf7C+ ***7?Almscliff
The Flying Aretef6B **668?Almscliff
Isla De Encantaf8B ***3?Trowbarrow
Beauty of Being Numbf7B+ **53?Woodwell
Screaming Slavef7B **62?Woodwell
Screaming Slave LHf7B+ *24?Woodwell
Anesthesiaf8B **3?Woodwell
Blood Suckerf7C 14?The Bowderstone
Power Pinchf7B **190?The Bowderstone
Inaudible Vaudeville (ss)f7B **49?The Bowderstone
Spring Chickenf7C *14?The Bowderstone
The Crackf7C **45?Bowden Doors
Born Lippyf7C+ ***45?Bowden Doors
Povertyf7A+ *41?Bowden Doors
Cave Central RHf6C+ **49?Bowden Doors
Working Classf8A+ *10?Bowden Doors
Hitchhiker's Direct SSf7C+ **14?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Monty Python's Directf6C+ **339?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Arch Rivalf7B 15?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
The Yorkshireman SSf7C+ ***22?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Cubby's Lipf7B+ **63?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
The Wave (Javu P87)V6 ***130?Bonehill Rocks
The Trench Traverse (Javu P93)V1 **287?Bonehill Rocks
Umpire Wall Left Arete (Javu P70)E2 5b 75?Bonehill Rocks
The Scoop (Javu P42)f6B **49?Bonehill Rocks
Rippled Wall Traverse (Javu P66)f5+ **56?Bonehill Rocks
The Cube Uphill Face Traverse (Javu P15)f6C ***172?Bonehill Rocks
8 Ballf8A+ ***3?Gardom's Edge
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