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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.
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Snow Shoeing - Pyrenees-11512:58 Mon
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Norton's diaries to be published315017:01 Wed
Electronic ambient/lounge stuff?1728106:51 Wed
Pink Floyd - 30 seconds644200:13 Wed
Glasgow's finest-11220:45 Tue
Gnod recommendations514509:51 Tue
"Cilla"849109:28 Tue
If you saw '50 Shades of Grey' might recall this?-13722:24 Mon
Incest in films. SPOILER.2290618:52 Mon
Lego art219013:40 Mon
Marvellous. Isn't it, wasn't it?1165400:23 Mon
AC/DC without Angus 416922:21 Sun
Billy Bob Thornton1847020:31 Sun
Strictly 20141018118:29 Sun
Its all about the sax1849311:34 Sun
the best cover wot I ever heard1141,84711:16 Sun
Action Movie - required 2035820:15 Sat
Classic climbing tunes418525-Sep-14
War Pigs831025-Sep-14
Covers that make your ears bleed...Nnnoooo1441824-Sep-14
We were so lucky225124-Sep-14
Status Quo evolve yet again529523-Sep-14
Creep, is this a better cover?2685523-Sep-14
The best cover wot I never heard514723-Sep-14
Are there any gay climbers?1033,91022-Sep-14
Saturday morning Film Trivia quiz5941921-Sep-14
Music You Wished Your parents Had Listened To1039920-Sep-14
First album you could sing off by heart3148020-Sep-14
Cthulu (and his friends) are everywhere1545719-Sep-14
London Grammar live112119-Sep-14
Definition of a "war movie"3352018-Sep-14
Ten significant albums 1322,53218-Sep-14
Evil, satanic, dark and heavy? na, its just metal-13316-Sep-14
Switch your brain off, turn the telly up, enjoy!-17916-Sep-14
Echopraxia, by Peter Watts416615-Sep-14
The new sweary Dr Who341915-Sep-14
Peter Hook Joy Division /New Order set417914-Sep-14
Danger 5, Season 2 trailer.28213-Sep-14
Artists giving music away for free2043513-Sep-14
RIP Donald Sinden617312-Sep-14
Alpine Comic book in French?215212-Sep-14
What new musical discoveries have you made recently?1115512-Sep-14
RIP Rob-26511-Sep-14
Doctor Who757710-Sep-14
Robert Plant234010-Sep-14
Sin City - A Dame to Kill For. Expect spoilers but not from me2059910-Sep-14
JW Puttrell418009-Sep-14
Do you like this plot for my book?4963609-Sep-14
Auf Weidersen Pet.2355308-Sep-14
Friday night House Music thread - Italio House-7105-Sep-14
Boardman Tasker Prize 2014 shortlist1246205-Sep-14
a few tunes I've been working on1241105-Sep-14
'Below Scafell' by Dudley Hoys-8203-Sep-14
It's a modern Rome where the folk are nice to Yoko.-10502-Sep-14
Royal Marines Commando School1775730-Aug-14
Everything we know about science is wrong3091130-Aug-14
Kate Bush401,67629-Aug-14
Jim Curran Biography, Here there and everywhere425829-Aug-14
100 greatest riffs441,03228-Aug-14
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