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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

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the conjuring - yes or no?broken spectre1129118-Feb-14
"i always wanted to be a Gangster"broken spectre850318-Feb-14
Documentary about 2008 rescue attempt on AnnapurnaVanessa Simmons-13317-Feb-14
BAFTAs 2014Alyson-5617-Feb-14
John Martynstroppygob2381317-Feb-14
Inglorious Basterdsandymac1240316-Feb-14
Music recommendations?kaotikuk316314-Feb-14
The power of computers - Radio 4 without the archers.davidbeynon-13114-Feb-14
Recommend a Creagh Dhu bookgergosantha930614-Feb-14
Poem for today's weatherAnn S413012-Feb-14
Carthy and SwarbrickRob Exile Ward617112-Feb-14
The Shawshank Redemption: Dull and Depressing mkean802,29311-Feb-14
Rock, Paper, FireMinneconjou Sioux2161311-Feb-14
Is the Independent becoming the Daily Mail?highclimber227410-Feb-14
Fried rice, very niceThe Lemming941109-Feb-14
Mellow Friday evening tunesThe Lemming820508-Feb-14
sports/travel booksgoldmember39608-Feb-14
BBC4 Wednesday 5th Feb -- K2 : The Killer Summitsbc_10191,53907-Feb-14
burlesque.....wot's it all about?The Lemming371,59307-Feb-14
'Cuirm @ Celtic' - Celtic Connections on BBC AlbaDouglas Griffin39707-Feb-14
Old man of hoy BBC outside broadcast on youtubejonny taylor430706-Feb-14
Gregory Porter. Who is this blokeThe Lemming224906-Feb-14
Mountain painterskevin stephens4068306-Feb-14
Philip Seymour HoffmanTom Last251,00005-Feb-14
Recommend me some shortish booksDave Kerr4872805-Feb-14
were gonna need a bigger boat!broken spectre1182,81305-Feb-14
The Bridge Series 2 (BBC4)kevin stephens271,11304-Feb-14
Top GearThe Lemming311,43602-Feb-14
3D pavement artbroken spectre522601-Feb-14
Sound Cityaln511501-Feb-14
Why should I read a Virginia Woolf novel?John Mcshea2143331-Jan-14
Pete Seeger RIPDoug1958430-Jan-14
Inside Llewyn Davis Rob Exile Ward427429-Jan-14
Quick straw poll...Wolf Wallstreet or American Husstle?The Lemming2446829-Jan-14
Frozen in Mawson's Footsteps ---- Radio 4 ..Wednesday 9pmsbc_10415128-Jan-14
Burns poertyFlinticus1231828-Jan-14
TV series on the webFlinticus-7728-Jan-14
RIP Pete Seegercsw213728-Jan-14
old TV tunes stuck in your Head you keep Singingbroken spectre1116327-Jan-14
Claudio AbbadoTrangia2235327-Jan-14
Bog Booksstroppygob2755127-Jan-14
Newspaper Quiz Please?Turdus torquatus-7126-Jan-14
Linked film scenes that need a second thought...PanzerHanzler114026-Jan-14
More ambient, pleaseThe Lemming3066425-Jan-14
The RailwaymanClint86-10925-Jan-14
Friday film clubbroken spectre5687525-Jan-14
Sherlock Season 3 - stream online?David Barratt824724-Jan-14
playing you?broken spectre2164724-Jan-14
Noel Gallagher fondly remembering some Oasis videosBlue Straggler426924-Jan-14
We'd better get back because it'll be dark soon...broken spectre231,07823-Jan-14
todays alternative film awards season nominations for...broken spectre714323-Jan-14
Recommend me A climbing bookaberSam351,07522-Jan-14
12 Years a slavewilkie14c2094622-Jan-14
Teach yourself GaelicTim Chappell1551,61021-Jan-14
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