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GROUP TEST: Mid-range Sport Ropes

Group Test Mid-range Sport Ropes

We compare eight of the best all-round sport climbing ropes, the sort of reliable workhorse that many will use as their sole rope both indoors and out. So which is right for you?

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REVIEW: Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

With a versatile triple rating and fantastic handling, the Swift is a great route for long sport pitches and alpine north faces alike; but it is the environmentally-aware production that really sets this rope apart, says Rob Greenwood.

Group Test Half Ropes for UK Trad

Over the last few months the UKC Test Team have been putting six pairs of half ropes through their paces. Though they're all good, we came to an easy consensus on our favourites.

Beal Cobra II Half Rope

The Beal Cobra is an all round rope that can be used for trad, winter and alpine. These mid-weight ropes are ideal for anyone who wants just one pair for a bit of everything, says Martin McKenna

Sterling Evolution Duetto Rope

With the 8.4mm Duetto, Duncan Campbell thinks he's found his ideal all-round trad half rope

Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry 7.1mm Rope

It may be a niche product, but if you're saving weight on big mountain routes then this incredibly light double rated rope...

DMM Pitch 8.5mm Half Rope

The Pitch is billed as the 'ultimate half rope for four season use in all weather conditions'. So is it? Heather Swift subjected it to...

Beal Booster III 9.7mm Unicore Single Rope

The Booster is part of Beal's Intensive line - a series aimed at high performance climbers, while offering added...

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Compact, easy-running and ultra-light. The Beal Booster III 9.7mm, the pioneer of thin ropes slides in everywhere. It offers excellent performance for very experienced climbers.

Beal OPERA 8.5mm UNICORE - Triple rated rope

Weighing in at only 48g per metre, the Opera 8.5 is the first sub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on the market that is also rated as a double and twin rope.

Ocun Rope Range

Low impact force, long lifespan and zero sheath slippage achieved solely by perfect control over the manufacturing process. These are just some of the advantages of the new OCÚN ropes.

Edelweiss - Essential Line Ropes

The Essential Line is a range of ropes developed for top performance at the right price.

Edelrid Rope Range Highlights

Due to the success of our competition to win a 60m Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm rope that is currently running on UKC. We...


After having been the first thin rope on the market to meet the requirements for all three standards for dynamic ropes, Beal JOKER...

Beal - How to Choose Your Rope

With a wide range of rope choice there is a rope available to meet your needs. To assist helping you choose your next rope...

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