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Rob Greenwood's Bouldering 'Essentials'

Some say that bouldering, due to its elegant simplicity, is the purest form of climbing. Maybe that was once the case, but it certainly isn't now, with a plethora of products available that make a trad climber's rack look straightforward.

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Crack Gloves from OR and Ocun

Crack gloves aren't just for softies and North Americans, says Toby Archer, they're great for gritstone too - particularly in the colder months. He checks out two models currently available in the UK.

Pongoose Climber 700 3-in-1 Clipstick

An Introduction to Vegan Climbing Equipment

Beta Project Brush Stick

Christmas Gift Guide: Goodies for £40 and Under

Climbskin Hand Cream

Julbo Monte Rosa and Monte Bianco Sunglasses

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Beta Stick Evo

The BetaStick Evo is the culmination of 15 years' experience, research and design in remote clipping devices. It has evolved to give all the functionality of the original BetaStick but significantly enhanced with improved features & function. The original BetaStick was born, designed and built in 2002, in Sheffield, UK to smoothly and efficiently remote clip bolts. It has become the market leader in remote clipping devices, worldwide.

Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag

KletterRetter Hand Cream, Chalk & Finger Tape

Organic Accessories Update

Friction Labs Secret Stuff and Magic Balls

Pongoose Climber 700 - 3-in-1 Clipstick

Moon Climbing launch the MoonBreak

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