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Right side treated with TX Direct; left side untreated    © Dan Bailey

Nikwax Tech Wash, TX Direct and Basefresh

Tech Wash cleans waterproof fabrics and TX Direct restores their DWR finish. Basefresh promises to banish base layer odour without compromising performance. We gave them a rigorous workout on the oldest jacket and smelliest top in the gear store.

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Muddy Boots  © Nikwax

Clean and restore all of your outdoor footwear with Nikwax

Your outdoor boots and shoes go through the mill, particularly when you wear them in the mud and rain. Over time, you may notice them starting to soak in water, or any leather on them starting to stiffen. That's because once dirty, soaked in water...

Performance Wash  © Grangers
Performance Wash  © Grangers

Getting wet on the inside when you're outside?

Forgotten the last time you actually stayed dry inside that expensive hard shell that you bought not so very long ago? Remember when water used to bead on the outside of your jacket instead of seeping into your clothes beneath? Found...

Nikwax sleeping back Icelander  © Nikwax
Nikwax sleeping back Icelander  © Nikwax

Nikwax celebrates many first, delivering "much more than just waterproofing

In 2017, Nikwax marks its first 40 years in the outdoor industry. Established in 1977 by Nick Brown, the first Nikwax commercial product, Waterproofing Wax for Leather, was produced in his North London flat....

Nikwax Product News Lifestyle  © Nikwax
Nikwax Product News Lifestyle  © Nikwax

Is your down jacket getting wet and leaving you cold?

Ever gone out wearing your favourite down jacket, got caught in the rain and ended up feeling wet and...

Filoment Hoody  © Alpkit
Filoment Hoody  © Alpkit

NEW Alpkit Filoment Hoody with water resistant Nikwax Hydrophobic Down

Love your down jacket but wish you could wear it in the rain?  Well thanks to Nikwax...

Nikwax Basefresh product shot  © Nikwax
Nikwax Basefresh product shot  © Nikwax

Nikwax Solves Odour Problems for Base Layers

Nikwax, the global leader in safe, high performance aftercare for outdoor gear, announces BaseFresh. This...

Nikwax Down Proof  © Nikwax
Nikwax Down Proof  © Nikwax

Five Reasons to Proof Your Down with Nikwax Down Proof

How many times have you gone out wearing a down jacket, got caught in the rain and ended up feeling...

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