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Beal Be Free Rubber Quickdraws

If you hear the name Beal you'll probably think ropes, but the brand has a range of hardwear too. The new Be Free Rubber is a sport climbing draw with a rubber cover over the sling, designed for easier grabbing.

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Group Test
Sport Quickdraws

In this group review we test sport climbing quickdraws from all the leading manufacturers, comparing them for key characteristics such as ease of handling, gate action, weight, length and price.

Wild Country Proton Quickdraw

British Mountain Guide Tim Neill tests out the new Wild Country proton Quickdraws. "The slings are chunky and robust allowing for stretching the draw into reachy clips as well as being easy to grab (and more importantly easier to hold onto) if the pump takes...

Group Test

Group Test Trad Quickdraws

One piece of gear that you can never do without when roped climbing is a quickdraw. In this comparative review, Alan James takes a detailed look at lightweight trad quick draws aimed specifically at trad climbing.

DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraws

The new flagship hot-forged DMM Alpha karabiners are now available. There are four 'biners in the range - a Trad, a Trad Light, plus two...

Comparison Review

Comparison Review All-round Quickdraws

With both traditional and sport climbing use in mind, Mark Glaister has been testing out some of the diverse range of quickdraws...

Climbing Technology Nimble and Lime Quickdraws

A first look at some interesting new quickdraws from Climbing Technology, an Italian company new to the UK market.

The Petzl Ange: a new type of karabiner

Petzl haven't changed the design of their flagship karabiner/quickdraw since 1992 but are now set to make climbers eyes...

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DMM PerfectO

The latest carabiner to come off DMM's hot forges is the PerfectO. Its compact profile has been made possible using a new extra short gate but still maintaining ease of use, even one-handed. The gate options include straight gate, screwgate, Locksafe and Kwiklock.

Edelrid Bulletproof

With the amount of interest that has been shown in our competition that is currently running to win 1 of 10 HMS Bulletproof carabiners. We thought it would be a good idea to give people a more in depth look at some of the other carabiners from our vast Bulletproof...

Climbing Technology - New Products For 2017

A look at what's new from Climbing Technology for Spring 2017

CAMP Dyon Clean Nose Carabiner and Quickdraw

Another step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits...

EDELRID Bulletproof announced as climbing equipment winner at UK OIA 2017

EDELRID's new Bulletproof karabiner has been selected as the winning product in...

Ocun Kestrel Karabiner

Lightweight, inexpensive and durable - Most outdoor equipment only fulfil two of the three criteria. The Ocun Kestrel karabiner...

Ocun climbing hardware

Ocun are an exicting and innovative Czech brand, who are realitively new to the UK market. They manufacture a broard range of...

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