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GROUP TEST: Mid-Sized Bouldering Mats

Group Test Mid-Sized Bouldering Mats

Bouldering mats have come a long way since the beer towel. Not only do modern pads give a better landing, they are also bigger, easier to carry and boast useful extra features. This test highlights the range of options currently available.

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REVIEW: Alpkit Bouldering Mats - Origin, Mujo, and Project

Alpkit Bouldering Mats - Origin, Mujo, and Project

Over the past few years Alpkit have been investing in their UK factory. They've also been working on their range of bouldering mats, which saw a complete overhaul late last year. With six new pads to choose from, we test the three largest.

Rob Greenwood's Bouldering 'Essentials'

Some say that bouldering, due to its elegant simplicity, is the purest form of climbing. Maybe that was once the case, but it certainly isn't now, with a plethora of products available that make a trad climber's rack look straightforward.

Organic Packs and Chalk Bags

Organic are in vogue in the bouldering world. Their bright coloured pads are instantly recognisable, not to mention some of the best around. But does this quality and durability cross over to their range of accessories? Rob Greenwood takes a look...

SNAP Wrap Original Crash Pad

A bouldering mat that feels harder or softer, depending how high your fall, the Wrap is also comfy to carry. It's a winning...

Ocún Dominator Bouldering Mat

If we had to sum this up in one word... it's BIG! The basic design follows the traditional centre-fold mat...

Organic Big Pad

Rob Greenwood reviews the Organic Big Pad and concludes that it is, indeed very BIG, very good, and very expensive!

Alpkit Bouldering Mats - Mujo and Project

Alpkit have been making bouldering mats for nearly 15 years. 2013 has seen them introduce some new mats plus make modifications...

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PRODUCT NEWS: New range of UK made Bouldering pads from Alpkit.

New range of UK made Bouldering pads from Alpkit.

We've been making pads in the UK AlpFactory for over 10 years now and have learnt a little on the way. With the new range some of the names may be familiar but we have redesigned all the pads from scratch, using feedback from athletes, staff and c...

The Alpkit Bouldering pad range

Prime bouldering. Equip yourself to tick off those hardest of boulder problems before the warmer weather arrives with our tough as anything UK Made bouldering pads.

SNAP Pad Update

Whilst the winter is where it's at for many boulderers, the sunny summer bouldering scene is not to be underestimated.

20 Years of SNAP climbing

We can't believe it but SNAP is 20 Years old! Born and bred in France, SNAP pads have been littering the forest floors of...

Metolius Session Pad in Orange

The superb, well featured Session Pad from Metolius is now available in Orange. In Stores Now

Snap Wrap - Air Cell Technology bouldering pads

The ultimate pad for highballers, and circuit climbers, has now got two new sizes added to the menu

Alpkit Project Bouldering Mat

High quality Taco style UK made bouldering pad.

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