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Scarpa Mescalito Approach Shoes

A robust and comfy shoe, the Mescalito should see you right for years of hillwalks, scrambles and crag approaches, says Martin McKenna

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La Sportiva TX2 Approach Shoe

The TX2 has the lightness, comfort and grippy tread of a trail shoe without sacrificing performance on the rock, says Tom Ripley. The best of both worlds?

Asolo Nucleon GV

This 'incredibly light' approach shoe has been perfect for both walking in the UK and carrying on multipitch climbs in Morocco, says Theo Moore. They keep your feet dry, weigh next to nothing and look smart, he reckons.

Scarpa Epic Lite OD

For waterproofing with less weight, the Epic Lite OD features OutDry technology. In this six-month review, Theo Moore tests this new approach shoe in a wide range of conditions, from cold wet Lakeland to warm dry Eurosport.

Five Ten Access Approach Shoe

In an attempt to bridge the gap between technical walking shoe and lightweight running trainer Five Ten have produced the Access....

Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoes

Arc'teryx's new Arakys is an ultra-light approach shoe with an interesting set of features. So how does UKC's Ellie Fuller get on...

Boreal Sendai Approach Shoes

Martin McKenna takes the Boreal Sendai hillwalking, cragging ...and down to the shops. They may be fairly heavy, he says, but on...

Approach Shoes

The UKC Test Team take on eight pairs of approach shoes to find out which one will get you to the crag in comfort, style, with good grip, dry...

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The Hueco Range from Mammut

The Hueco range is a new range of approach shoes from Mammut which look as good on the street as they do at the crag. There's four versions to choose from which are each available in a men's and women's model.

Dolomite Crodarossa Lite GTX

The Crodarossa Lite GTX is designed for approach and scrambling and features an overlap fastening which allows very precise and close-fitting lacing.

Five Ten Retro Tennie

The Five Ten Retro Tennies are perfect for climbers looking for a technical approach shoe with the design aesthetics of a classic sneaker.

Scarpa Mescalito

The new Scarpa Mescalito blends the comfort, support and protection of a mountain boot with the sensitivity and weight of an approach shoe.

Kayland Gravity

The Gravity is the most advanced shoe in the Kayland range. It's designed to be technical enough for via ferrata and proper approach use...

Mammut Alnasca Knit Low

A modern shoe approach must satisfy many requirements. It has to offer good traction on both the approach terrain and on rock, with...

Dolomite Steinbock Low

Made for mountain approach over long routes on mixed terrain, this is a particularly comfortable, sturdy and very stable shoe.

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