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Most climbers own a rope bag, but few take much trouble in choosing one. Considering how much use you'll get out of it, however, a little extra thought could prove worthwhile. We compare 11 current models.

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DMM Soft Goods - Rucksacks and Rope Bags

British climbing brand DMM have recently launched a full set of soft goods to go alongside their legendary hardware. DMM sent through a full set of the backpacks and ropebags to UKC for a big old UKC gear review.

Rope Bags for the Winter

Alan James, Mick Ryan and Chris Craggs review an essential part of the modern climber's gear: rope bags. "The rope bag has matured from a basic sheet, when it was first introduced in the 1990s, to something much more sophisticated."

Rock+Run Rope Bucket

This simple but sturdy rucksack can be used for as a rope bag replacement, gear rucksack when bouldering, or large shopping bag. But if you already have a rope bag, why would you want one? Alan James takes a look.

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Blue Ice Octopus Rope Bag

The Octopus is a ropebag with the same comfort as a backpack. Its unique design from a single piece of fabirc gives it a simple look and makes it very tough. Delivered with an inner bag for the rope, it is practical at the crag. The Octopus can carry a 80 meter rope, a set of quickdraws, a belay device, climbing shoes, climbing harness, water, snacks, and a light jacket.

Edelrid Two Sac Rope Bag

Featuring a large mat, shoulder straps, padded back, and good pack space, the Two Sac can be used as a small backpack.

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