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Platypus Quickdraw Filter

Dan Bailey field-tests his second compact water filter in two months. Why is he particularly taken with this design...?

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Lifestraw Peak Series Solo Water Filter

If cutting weight is important to you then the miniature Solo is the filter to beat, says Dan Bailey. So what's the catch...?

LifeStraw Peak Series Water Filters

Robust, versatile, and easy to use, these filters from LifeStraw would be a great option for walkers and climbers in busier UK hill areas where it may be particularly sensible to treat water sources with some caution, says Dan Bailey. 

Camelbak MultiBev 500ml

Combining a small thermos flask with an insulated cup, the MultiBev is a sleek bit of design, says Rob Greenwood. But is it really much of an advance for the hot drink fan? 

CamelBak Women's Ultra Pro Running Vest

Our review team's keenest runner, Bridget Collier, tests this lightweight vest/pack from CamelBak...

CamelBak Bottle Range

Dan Bailey and family road test a selection of water bottles. What will they find to say about them?

MSR Trail Base Water Filter Kit

Toby Archer looks at this versatile water filtering system. Does he overcome his initial scepticism of the price?

GSI Outdoors Microlite Flasks

They're tough, they're light and they keep things hot for ages - and that's pretty much all you could ask of an insulated bottle,...

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Nalgene Colour Block – New Colours for the Summer.

Fully committed to the circular economy, Nalgene have pioneered the use of Tritan RenewTM resin to construct their iconic drinks bottle.

LifeStraw : New Peak Gravity Purifier

LifeStraw New Peak Gravity Purifier now available plus LifeStraw Impact Update

LifeStraw : New GO Filter Bottles

Hitting the shops now are the updated LifeStraw GO filter bottles in Tritan Renew and insulated Stainless Steel

Stanley's IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler Lands in the UK!

Leakproof and easily packable, the new Stanley IceFlow™ series is the perfect choice for...

Trigger Action Travel Mugs by Stanley

Packed full of ingenious features, the leakproof Trigger Action Travel Mug is the perfect partner from commute to...

Nalgene Sustain: Great New Colours – Built with 50% Certified Recycled Material

Fully committed to the circular economy, Nalgene have pioneered the use of...

Nalgene Sustain - Built with a certified 50% recycled material

Fully committed to the circular economy, Nalgene have pioneered the use of Tritan Renew resin...

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