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Kouba Axel Plus and Flex Cams

They lack the refinement of better established and more expensive brands, but if you are building a trad rack on a budget then these functional Czech cams do the job perfectly well, at a price it may be hard to resist, says Tim Hill. 

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Group Test Micro Cams

Micro cams are among the most useful pieces of gear on a trad climber's rack. Having a tiny cam you can rely on to protect otherwise unprotectable sections of rock can make the difference between arriving at the top of your route... or at the b...

Black Diamond Camalot C4

Martin McKenna was a fan of the previous version of the Camalot, so how does he rate the recent updates?

DMM Dragonfly Micro Cams

DMM's long-anticipated entry into the micro cam market was worth the wait, says Theo Moore

New Totem Cams: Black and Orange

In 2015 we gave Totem Cams a glowing write-up, praising in particular their high holding power and narrow head width. This review...

Wild Country - New Friends

Released in 2016, Wild Country's New Friends are the result of several decades of refinement on the iconic original. Over the last...

New Dragon Cams from DMM

With some key improvements on the previous model, the new Dragons take DMM's dual axle cam offering to new heights, reckons Tim Neill

Group Test Camming Devices

Here we put all the top cams head to head in one massive review! Which cams have the largest range? Which are the lightest? Which...

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Stoppers from £6 each? That's nuts!

We dive into Kouba's collection of trad climbing stoppers, covering everything from micros to hexes, offsets to Abalaks.

Making Friends Since 1977 – The Heritage of Wild Country

The story of Wild Country is the story of two strong-minded and visionary individuals from totally different backgrounds, but who shared a common passion. It was a chance meeting between two climbers in the summer of 1972, one...

Can this Czech climbing brand refresh your rack on a budget?

Kouba is a Czech climbing brand founded in 1991, precision manufacturing cams, nuts and abalaks in their workshop. Kouba may have been around for a while, but until recently they haven't been readily available within the UK....

Wild Country Introduces the NEW Offset Zero Friend

Friends are the most iconic protection ever made. Wild Country is now introducing the new Offset...

Black Diamond Camalot Z4s

Born from a heart-to-heart with our top trad-climbing BD Athletes Hazel Findlay, Carlo Traversi, Sam Elias, and Babsi...

Wild Country Zero Friends

Introducing the new Zeros for solid holding power in small placements. The ultimate weapon for thin cracks, pockets or pin...

Introducing the #21 Camalot C4

BD Athlete Alex Honnold has never been a fan of wide cracks, or as he puts it a little more bluntly: "Offwidth climbing...

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