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Rosker Travellunch Sampled by CarolineMc

My lasting memory of dehydrated expedition food is a Raven Chili-con-Carne, eaten somewhere near the Cheviot in 1992. Anyone else who’s tried this, er, delicacy is likely to agree that it is an experience not to be repeated! Hence my further forays into the world of dried food have generally been limited to Bachelor’s Pasta ‘n’ Sauce and the occ...

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Rosker Travellunch Sampled by Antwan

"Unfortunately there were no dramas to write about, so they must have done there job pretty well..." Antwan's kitchen was Stanage where he sampled Chocolate Muesli with Milk, Beef Stroganoff and Peppered Beef with Vegetables.

Rosker Travellunch Sampled by Alicia

Science in Sport: Ski pack

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Sea to Summit X-Seal & Go

Brand new for this Spring, Sea to Summit have launched the X-Seal & Go Series. Sea to Summit already have a wide range of collapsible cookwear on the market and the X-Seal & Go joins this range as a collapislbe food container which has airtight seals.

Can Beetroot improve the body's ability to cope with altitude?

Pact Coffee: lovingly hand-roasted in London

Mountain Trails

Grower's Cup. Fresh coffee. Just brewed. On the go.

Mountain Intelligence DEAL OF THE MONTH: Clif Bars

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