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Edelrid Helios Harness

The Helios is a definite cut above your average all-round workhorse harness, with nicely sculpted and cleverly padded waist and leg loops that make it particularly comfy without excess bulk or weight. But it is let down a little by the gear loops, reckons Dan Bailey.

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Show Report OTS 2023 - Climbing Gear

At OTS 2023 in Liverpool we got a chance to check out some of the new climbing gear due to hit the shelves next year: a range of bouldering pads from Black Diamond; interesting harnesses from the likes of Mammut, Ocun and Wild Country; and DMM'...

Edelrid Salathe Lite - the best helmet is the one you'll want to wear

The last thing you want to be thinking about halfway up a pitch is your helmet. This lightweight and well-vented model should be easy to forget, says Tom Ripley - and he means that in the best way. 

Flashed Pads - Big Squishy and Drifter

Flashed has only recently entered the UK market, and these pads offer something a bit different to the competition. Built to last, and with some well-thought-out features, they justify their chunky price tags, says Rob Greenwood.

Troll Astro Bouldering Pad

The Astro is Troll's first bouldering pad. From its carrying system to its firm (and replaceable) foam, this robust mid-sized...

3RD ROCK x Taylor Made Portable Hangboard

3RD ROCK have collaborated with Taylor Made Holds - a North Wales-based wooden holds manufacturer - to make three...

Black Diamond Zone Harness

It might have been designed primarily for sport, but as a comfy and versatile all-rounder this is a harness we've struggled to...

Wild Country Mosquito Harness

The Mosquito is the lightest harness that Wild Country has ever made. It's designed to be a super minimal sport climbing harness...

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Getting started with EDELRID

Starting climbing as a beginner can be daunting so we asked friend of the brand and new climber Lucy O'Neill to summarise her top five favourite Edelrid products ideal for beginners.

Why choose a Tendon rope? 

A long established brand from the Czech Republic who has been at the forefront of rope manufacture and development for decades, Tendon have been leading the way in rope technology advancement. Manufactured at their Lanex factory in the EU, Tendon are also a...

Beal EXPRESSO double lanyard

The first double lanyard as light and compact as a single one The Expresso is a double lanyard designed to lighten climber equipment. It allows you to anchor yourself and to rappel down / abseil thanks to its Dyneema sling sewn on the lanyard.

Edelrid 160 Years

This year marks the 160th year anniversary of EDELRID. Since the company was founded in 1863 by Julius EDELmann and Carl RIDder,...

COROS unveils the second generation of its VERTIX 2 Carabiner

COROS Wearables Inc., makers of GPS sports wearables and training software for adventure and...

Lose Weight Fast

Salewa's latest fast-and-light kit arrives this Spring

Stoppers from £6 each? That's nuts!

We dive into Kouba's collection of trad climbing stoppers, covering everything from micros to hexes, offsets to...

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