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Featured Review

Black Diamond Vapor & Capitan Helmets

Helmets have come a long way in recent years, and what was formerly lightweight is now midweight. Here we look at two different options from Black Diamond - the Vapor, perhaps the lightest climbing helmet on the market, and the Capitan, a knockabout workhorse at a more competitive price.

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Edelrid Moe 3R - The first recycled harness

The Moe 3R is claimed to be the first climbing harness made almost entirely from recycled materials, an advance worth celebrating. On top of its environmental credentials it's solid, comfy, and very reasonably priced, says Toby Archer, making i...

Kouba Axel Plus and Flex Cams

They lack the refinement of better established and more expensive brands, but if you are building a trad rack on a budget then these functional Czech cams do the job perfectly well, at a price it may be hard to resist, says Tim Hill. 

Edelrid Eagle Lite Protect Pro Dry 9.5mm

When it comes to single ropes, it's tempting to assume that thicker and heavier necessarily equals more durable and longer-lasting. But thanks to its use of Aramid fibres, the Eagle Lite Protect Pro Dry challenges conventional wisdom. John McKenna...

Edelrid Pure, Pure Wire and Pure Pro Quickdraws

We reviewed the previous version of the Edelrid Pure in a 2016 Group Test. It was a good weight saver, and...

Edelrid Helios Harness

The Helios is a definite cut above your average all-round workhorse harness, with nicely sculpted and cleverly padded waist and leg...

Show Report OTS 2023 - Climbing Gear

At OTS 2023 in Liverpool we got a chance to check out some of the new climbing gear due to hit the shelves next year: a range of...

Edelrid Salathe Lite - the best helmet is the one you'll want to wear

The last thing you want to be thinking about halfway up a pitch is your helmet. This...

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Environmental Responsibility with EDELRID

EDELRID's Climb Green label is a dynamic, internally developed label for products that currently fulfill the highest standards of responsible design and production on the market in their respective product group.

Friends in High Places - Photo Book

A book combining photos and stories, celebrating trad and adventure climbing. Across the UK, Europe and Africa, tales and quotes from known wads to dark horses give an insight into some of the world's most beautiful climbs.

OCÚN Twist Tech Eco: The First Eco-Friendly Harness

Experience the ultimate in comfort and versatility with our sustainable climbing harness. Made from recycled materials, this versatile harness allows you to climb with confidence, knowing you're doing your part for the planet. 


2024 is, as usual, shaping up to be an exciting year for EDELRID. This year brings, not only some new products but also some...

Flashed MG2+ Chalk: Minimal Environmental Impact and Maximum Friction

Performance and environmental responsibility have always been driving motivations to...

Gilmonte Rope Review

We sent Will Rupp, a British climber and photographer, a selection of our ropes from Gilmonte, for him to put to the test to see what...

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