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Mammut Climbax Review

The Climbax is a pair of wristbands linked to an app, which tracks your indoor climbing session and performance. It's the first time we've seen something like this, so Theo Moore endeavours to answer the two pressing questions: 'What does it do?' and 'Is it any good?'.

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Addsfit Portable Massage Gun

Walk into any climbing wall and you'll probably see people using an assortment of therabands, foam rollers, and massage balls. This massage gun brings something different to the mix - but is it better than the existing cheaper options for warmi...

Armaid Massage Tool

Whether you're recovering from an injury or hoping not to get one, this odd-looking self-massage device could be part of the answer, says Rob Greenwood


In early December, UKC received an invitation to review the latest incarnation of the Moonboard. Never one to shy away from a challenge UKC accepted the offer and sent Rob Greenwood along to test it out.

Stonesmith Holds

Jack Geldard tests out the new range of holds carved by legendary climber Malcolm Smith. Did a little bit of Malc's strength rub...

Metolius Contact Training Board

Steve Long and other Mountain Training UK staff have been getting to grips with a pre-production sample of Metolius' new Contact...

Climbing holds from Planet Holds

Jack Geldard tests a set of holds from the UK based company - Planet Holds. "The holds in general are very basic in...

Beastmaker 2000: Back two - the future?

Simon Lee steps in to the seedy back streets of Sheffield and gets his mitts on the new Beastmaker...

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Mammut Climbax: The world's first climbing tracker

Record and analyse your climbs, compare your performance with other athletes and monitor your own progress. Climbax includes two wristbands equipped with high-precision sensors to record every climbing movement. 

New Additions to the Home Wall Range from Interface Climbing

The Interface climbing wall range has expanded to offer a new width, a new height and a screw-on only holds option to create the most versatile home climbing system on the market. Plus, the release of a futon sofa and an...

Ground-Up walls from Interface Climbing

The new Ground-Up walls and Greenholds from Interface Climbing provide an affordable and adaptable system for climbing and training at home. The self-assembly walls, available in a range of angles and widths, along with the system-board holds and...

Grippy App - Beast yourself during lockdown with professional workouts from top co

Beast yourself during lockdown with professional workouts from top...

Kilterboard Arrives in the UK

Kilter Grips have revolutionised the climbing training board with a new take on an old idea bringing new LED's that light up...

Master your mind with MASTERMIND!

"The brain is the most important muscle for climbing." (W. Güllich) Utilising the power of your mind will make the most...

MASTERMIND - Mental training for climbers

The famous Wolfgang Güllich once said: "The brain is the most important muscle for climbing." Utilizing the power...

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