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Alan Hinkes - 1st Brit to Climb the World's Highest Mts

Alan Hinkes is still the only Brit to have climbed all the world's 8000m peaks. Terry Abraham's new biopic of this larger-than-life high altitude mountaineer is out now, and Ash Routen was keen to take a look.

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Wide Boyz II ? Slender Gentlemen

John Coefield reviews the latest movie from Hotaches: Wide Boyz II. "Wide Boyz II – Slender Gentlemen is the story of Pete and Tom's mission to climb Cobra Crack, and, you've got to hand it to Hot Aches, they know how to tell a good story..."

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Review: Autana DVD by Alastair Lee

Wide Boyz DVD

Odyssey By Hot Aches

Life on Hold

The Long Hope - Starring Dave MacLeod

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PATAGONIA FILM NIGHT: 'DIRTBAG' - The Legend of Fred Beckey

Hailed as one of the most influential outdoorsmen of all time, Fred Beckey is the original "Dirtbag"climber one who abandons societal norms and material comforts in pursuit of a nomadic mountaineering lifestyle. A mythic figure in climbing circles, his name evokes simultaneous mystery, adulation and vitriol.

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Brit Rock Film Tour 2014 DVD

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