Burton McCall to introduce anti-midge Thermacell at Outdoor Trade Show Manchester Gear News

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Thermacell repellent devices protect you and everyone around you within a 20m² area. No need to use smelly, harmful sprays or oily lotions. The technology uses heat to disperse a repellent into the air creating a zone of protection from those pesky mosquitoes, midges and other small flying insects. Now that's what we call freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

Thermacell have created an easy smarter way to fight against annoying mosquitoes and midges, you may think it's complicated. That couldn't be further from the truth. Let us tell you in a few short words how it works:


Thermacell MR300

How it works - Thermacell MR300

Burton McCall will be on stand 56 or contact customer services for more information 01162 344646.

14 Jun, 2018

If they were really confident of it, they'd introduce it somewhere like The Braemar Gathering

I know Dan is working on a review currently, so don't want to put words into his mouth, but here's a few initial impressions from my perspective:

Having given this a spin on Skye the other week when the midges were probably 8/10 (i.e impossible to be around without a headnet, with plumes/clouds of them forming around you), I can honestly say that there was no way that this device was ever going to stop them in their tracks - there were simply too many. It was the same sort of conditions that Smidge and DEET have zero impact too, because it's not necessarily about the biting - it's the sheer number of them swarming around you (it was so bad Dan had a coughing fit from inhaling too many).

What I'd be interested to see is how it performs when conditions are a little less severe, say 4-6/10, as I can see that being more realistic. When you get to 8-10/10 you're basically resigned to running away, hiding, or just accepting the end of days and giving in to it all.

Be interested to see how Dan get's on throughout the rest of the summer. Bet he's relishing the thought of getting out in those midgy conditions :-)

I'd echo all Rob's comments. When it's really bad then nothing works, and to date I'd say this includes the Thermacell. Perhaps it thinned out the numbers, or maybe not - there's no way of telling when you're engulfed in clouds of them. 

I have yet to trial it in more manageable midge conditions.

Whether it works or not, I'd just like it noted that I have definitely taken one for the team with this review.  I'm getting itchy just thinking about it...

14 Jun, 2018

It surprises me that the midge eater people haven't developed a camping stove sized portable unit. 

15 Jun, 2018

It says no harmful sprays or smelly lotions and yet it is producing insect repellent. This is, presumably, some sort of chemical. What is it?

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