New 1.0L MSR® Reactor® Stove System and Accessories Product News

In 2013, MSR expands its line of Reactor® systems and accessories, adding even greater versatility to the record-breaking speed and all-condition performance of the original Reactor system.

MSR Reactor Stove System Family, 132 kb

The MSR Reactor system's patent-pending design shields the burner from the effects of wind that cause other stoves to slow or fail altogether. Combined with precision pressure regulation for superior high-altitude and cold weather performance, only the MSR Reactor system delivers in the field, what it promises on the box.

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Reactor® 1.0 L Stove System

The smallest system in the MSR Reactor stove system line is ideal for soloists, or two people looking for Reactor performance in the lightest and smallest possible configuration.

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Reactor® Hanging Kit

This is the ultimate hanging kit for the Reactor Stove Systems. A narrow base and sliding tensioner ensure maximum stability and easy, one-handed access to cookware. The kit is compatible with all Reactor Stove Systems. Carry pouch included. £24.99

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Reactor® Coffee Press Kits

The Reactor Stove Systems is awesome when the chips are down, but it's equally impressive when just a quick caffeine fix is needed. The Reactor Coffee Press Kits have etched, stainless steel strainer disc for maximum durability, easy cleaning and a grind-free cup of coffee. The kits also break down flat for low-profile packing. Available for 1.0L system (£14.99) and 1.7L system (£18.99)

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Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek video about the MSR Reactor's real-world performance:

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