Primus Eta Total Weight Concept ? The lighter choice

The newly revised Primus Eta series of stoves – Eta Power™ and Eta Express™ are the most versatile, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly stoves that are based on the concept of total overall weight.  The Primus Eta series has a burner, windshield and pot that have been developed to work optimally together so you need fewer gas cartridges reducing your pack weight.  The diagram below highlights by how much lighter your pack will be for one person on a one week adventure.

Primus Eta Total Weight Concept – Conventional, 79 kb
Primus Eta Total Weight Concept – Conventional
Primus Eta Total Weight Concept – Eta Power, 50 kb
Primus Eta Total Weight Concept – Eta Power

Here's ten top tips to help you to further reduce the impact on the environment, fuel costs and pack weight when cooking in the great outdoors.

  1. Gas is the most efficient fuel to use
  2. Use a windscreen to protect the flame
  3. Use the right size pot for the size of the burner
  4. Use a lid on the pot to speed up the boiling process
  5. Aluminium pots with a heat exchanger shorten boiling times and reduce fuel consumption
  6. Choose food that will cook quickly e.g. thin pasta and chop food up small
  7. Reduce output by turning the valve on the stove to max then back until the flame starts to decrease
  8. Don't cook food completely – let it finish cooking in the after heat using the insulation bag like the one the Eta stoves come packed in
  9. Pour any left over boiling water from the pot into a vacuum flask for using when cooking your next meal
  10. Use CO2 compensated gas and recycle gas cartridges


For more information visit Primus
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