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BioLite's new, 2nd generation range of HeadLamps redefines the rechargeable landscape.

Exceptional lumen quality and USB rechargeable power are packed into a compact and lightweight profile with an unprecedented no-bounce fit. Designed for peak performance, their construction also delivers the best fit of any headlamp on the market.

The range includes three new and improved models: HeadLamp 325, HeadLamp 425, and HeadLamp 800 Pro.

BioLite 325  © BioLite
BioLite 325
© BioLite

BioLite 425  © BioLite
BioLite 425
© BioLite

BioLite 800  © BioLite
BioLite 800
© BioLite

With a weight of only 50g, the HeadLamp 325 is the lightest of the range and includes 4 lighting modes. 3D SlimFit construction integrates electronics into the fabric with a custom moulded housing and lighting packed into an ultra-thin facing that is designed to fit as seamlessly as a contact lens. Moving with you as a single unit, you'll forget the HeadLamp is even there. An upgraded 325 lumens provides a beam distance of 75 metres and can run with you for 40 hours on Low, 5 hours on High, and includes a new 2 hour Reserve Mode.

Sitting mid-range, the HeadLamp 425, with an improved 425 lumens and 7 lighting modes, combines an ultra-thin 9mm front with balanced weight and moisture-wicking fabrics to create a fit so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it. Go further and stay brighter with the benefit of five front modes, a rear red light for added visibility, and a new 8 hour Reserve Mode. With a burn time of 60 hours on Low, and 3.5 hours on High, and a beam distance of 85 metres (Spotlight) and 15 metres (Flood light), the HeadLamp 425 is ready to illuminate your next adventure.

The HeadLamp 800 Pro is ready to match your own epic performance. Serious lumens and 8 lighting modes are packed into a compact and streamlined profile. For maximum visibility, the 800 Pro utilises ChromaReal Technology for true colour rendering, boasts a 135 metre (Spotlight) and 15 metres (flood light) beam distance, and incorporates rear red lights for safety. Going the long run, burn time lasts 150 hours on Low and 7 hours on High, and includes an 8 hour Reserve Mode. Even better, Pass-Thru charging and an included Run-Forever Cable can extend battery life. The Pass-Thru charging has also been improved to circumvent the HeadLamp's battery for better performance in cold temperatures.

About BioLite:

BioLite make the gear you need to power your outdoor trips: stoves, lights, solar panels, batteries – all built on renewable energy. They operate primarily in the outdoor market, but are also a fully functional social enterprise, simultaneously working on delivering safe, clean energy products to over one million people in emerging markets where the grid is unreliable or unreachable.

For more information Visit the BioLite Website

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