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We have built the pyramids, split the atom and been to the moon, yet the humble down cluster from geese and ducks remains the best insulating material we have. Down has evolved to insulate birds that must be unhindered by weight, unyielding to cold, and free to climb as high as they can; down is ideal for mountaineers who want the same.

Helium bag, 59 kb
For Spring 2017 Mountain Equipment’s entire down sleeping bag collection has been re-developed using cutting-edge scientific research, lab testing and computer models together with established field testing and extensive experience. We have painstakingly optimised the amazing capabilities of down to produce the greatest bags in our 56 year history.

Delivering weight savings of up to 30% and thermal performance improvements of up to 5 degrees, our all-new sleeping bags have been comprehensively developed to be even better than their predecessors.

Advanced technical innovations have created 6 ranges that are more user and environment focussed than ever. Designs have been improved, insulation has been refined, fabric and construction technology has advanced. Nothing has stood still.

Our new Helium bags are lighter and warmer for their weight than ever before. Efficiently sized, supremely comfortable and low in weight each Helium bag offers outstanding all-round performance for backpackers, trekkers and alpinists. Super light, highly compressible and densely woven Helium™ 20 outer fabric weighs just 38g/m² yet remains tough and exceptionally down proof. Our 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood and 4 baffle offset foot-box restrict down migration whilst minimising overall weight and bulk. Minimalist but comfortable bags, built better.

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