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Deuter's Exopshere range of sleeping bags has been totally revamped for Spring 2019, offering unparalleled comfort and a perfect night's sleep and with the ability to expand by up to 25% you will be able to move more than ever before.

The new Exosphere series includes a long list of new features that reinforce just how good it is.

It is an expandable sleeping bag, allowing for more comfort and warmth. The bag can expand 25% in width due to the elastic Thermo Stretch comfort construction seams in the inner and outer shell. This feature brings clear advantages: the expandable mummy sleeping bag has a body hugging fit and it warms up quickly due to there being less air between the body and the bag. At the same time the major freedom of movement enables a restful and comfortable sleep.

The bag's synthetic insulation is Deuter's own Thermo ProLoft and has been equally added to the top and bottom of the bag to create a complete 360° fill, giving you the same level of warmth whether you are sleeping on your back or side. Other features include; a dryzone at the head and foot of the bag, where a water repellent shell fabric has been used to protect against any moisture hitting the bag when you're inside a tent. An ErgoFoot box which has been designed to give you more room to move and keep comfortable while smaller elements such as an anti-catch strip, so the zip never gets jammed and different drawcords on the hood allow you to easily locate the correct pull cord, even in the middle of the night, really make a difference to the functionality of the Exosphere.

There are three different temperature options within the range, 0, -6 and -10 allowing you to pick the bag which is most suitable to your environment. It is a perfect for those multi day backpacking and trekking trips or camping straight out the back of the car as users will value the comfort of an expandable sleeping bag as well as an optimal warmth to weight ratio. Like all products within the Deuter collection there are also SL, women's specific, options in the collection as well which have an additional luxurious fleece lining in the hip and foot area for that bit of extra warmth.

The full range of bags are now available to buy online and instore.

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25 Mar, 2019

Anyone know which tent it is in the photo?

26 Mar, 2019

Hi, after some digging we've found out that it's a Wechsel Precursor

31 Mar, 2019

thank you

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