MSR® Debuts Minimalist FlyLite? Tent for Weight-Conscious Backpackers

MSR Flylite Tent, 71 kb
MSR® Debuts Minimalist FlyLite™ Tent for Weight-Conscious Backpackers

The single-wall tent design efficiently utilizes two standard trekking poles to shave weight

Today's multi-day backpackers and thru-hikers want minimalist shelters with full-weather protection. For 2015, MSR answers the call with the new FlyLite tent, a two-person tent built for ounce-counters. At 1 lb. 9 oz. (710 g), it's the lightest full-protection shelter MSR has ever made.

Built upon MSR weight-saving technologies and livability features, the single-wall tent design efficiently utilizes two standard trekking poles for support as opposed to being weighted down by carrying traditional tent poles. A single ultra-light mini-pole adds structure to the rear of the tent, and can be swapped out for a trekking pole.

“As with all MSR tents, livability is prioritized in the FlyLite design,” said Terry Breaux, tent designer for MSR. “Despite the FlyLite’s minimalist construction, the tent has ample head and elbow room that enables two people to comfortably sit upright and face each other without feeling cramped.”

The front view of the MSR Flylight Tent, 99 kb
The front view of the MSR Flylight Tent

The FlyLite tent features vertical walls and a 2.7 square-meter floor space that result in a spacious 2039 litre interior. A large attached awning provides extra rain protection over the door and is designed at a height that allows dwellers an unobstructed view while sitting. Awning-covered vents on all four sides minimize condensation by increasing air circulation, while the strong, DuraShield-coated nylon fabrics (10D on the walls and 20D on the floor) deliver twice the performance of traditional fabrics without adding weight. The FlyLite tent is detailed with taped seams and reinforced stress points to offer lasting protection.  

The new MSR FlyLite tent debuted at the European Outdoor Trade Fair in July 2014 and will be available at retail stores in March 2015.

MSR Flylite Tent - The neat solution to fixing the trekking poles into place, 122 kb
The neat solution to fixing the trekking poles into place
The back view of the MSR Flylight Tent, 78 kb
The back view of the MSR Flylight Tent











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