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Samaya® creates the Nanovent® membrane and revolutionizes the single-wall tent by offering the lightest and most compact technical equipment on the market!

Samaya® presents the Nanovent® membrane developed in close collaboration between its R&D team and its athletes. This new membrane is a fusion of innovations.

Nanovent® technology allows Samaya® to reinvent the technical tent by putting comfort and versatility at the heart of its specifications without compromising on performance. Today, Samaya® offers an efficient alternative with this new generation of lightweight tents.


A new membrane specially designed by Samaya® for the single-wall tent

Traditionally, two fabrics separate the tent's interior from its exterior environment: an air-permeable inner fabric that acts as a "chamber" and a waterproof, weather-resistant outer fabric. These are called double-wall tents. The two fabrics do not touch each other, allowing water vapor generated by human activity to escape through the first fabric and condense on the inside of the outer fabric. The condensed water runs down the waterproof fabric and onto the floor outside the "chamber". 

This design ensures that the user's humidity comfort is maintained in the tent by evacuating water vapor outside the "chamber" while the second waterproof fabric protects the user from the elements. Unfortunately, the weight of these double-walled tents quickly became an issue. In contrast, single-wall tents were lighter (because they required half as much fabric) but required technical fabrics with special waterproofing properties.

To address these issues of lightness, waterproofing, and even air permeability, Samaya® focused on developing technically innovative solutions. Based on its expertise, Samaya®'s R&D team created Nanovent®, a membrane specifically dedicated to the tent industry, contrary to existing solutions that favored technologies from the clothing industry, supposedly adaptable to the tent industry.

Innovative technology with unmatched properties in terms of lightness, comfort and performance for all uses and all outdoor conditions.

Nanovent®'s technical prowess lies in its ability to protect against all types of weather while evacuating excess water vapor and CO2 through the wall and allowing for air renewal inside the tent. This innovation ensures the highest level of performance on the market in the quest for comfort, lightness and resistance. Its strength also remains its adaptability to all types of use, whatever the outdoor conditions. 

Nanovent® consists of a three-layer fabric that concentrates in its core structure a nano-porous electrospun membrane like an extremely fine spider web. The polymer is stretched into a filament by means of an electrostatic field and randomly projected onto a surface. This electrospinning production process produces nano-porous membranes with a more precise and finer result compared to conventional microporous or monolithic membranes.


Samaya® is proud to be part of the history of the single-wall tent by introducing its new Nanovent® technology, the 4th generation of tent.

"Nanovent® is the vision of a new generation of single-wall tents, effective from January to December, in all conditions, from the oceans to the highest peaks. The specifications for Nanovent® were based as much on the requirements of mountaineers in the most challenging conditions as on the needs associated with more accessible bivouac experiences." 
- Ghislain Pipers, CEO of Samaya®.

1 470 g - 6,2 L

Designed for technical ascents through the Alps or light expeditions in total autonomy, the Samaya2.5 holds the keys to an incomparable experience. 

Designed to accommodate two or three people, the Samaya2.5 adapts to all needs, even in the most complex climatic conditions. 

1 240 g - 4,4 L

Perfectly adapted to alpine expeditions, the Samaya2.0 of the ALPINE range is for all those who do not want to compromise between lightness, comfort and performance. 

The Samaya2.0 is designed for committed practices, alone or in pairs. 

Also available in blue


Waterproofness keeps you dry in the event of rainfall by preventing water from penetrating through the wall.


Breathability allows water vapour to escape by ensuring water exchange between the inside and outside of the tent.


Air-permeability ensures the renewal of ambient air by allowing gas particles to pass through the wall.

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The Samaya® purpose

Born in 2018, the French brand Samaya® designs the world's most technical tents with the goal of providing access to experiences of extreme intensity through their simplicity. With no compromise between lightnesss, comfort and performance, each product is the key to a unique experience of (re)connecting to nature.

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of Samaya®'s DNA. Where reaching the summit is sometimes the only ambition, Samaya® is inspired by mountaineer Albert Frederick Mummery's expression "by fair means" according to which the method adopted also gives the climb its value. Imagining and creating - with passion and commitment - tools whose elegance contrasts with the radicalness of their function has become the signature of Samaya®.

COMPETITION - Win a Samaya2.5 – The iconic 4-season 'Room With a View' with optimal comfort for alpine expeditions.

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