When the going gets cold... PRIMUS tell us more about their TrailBreak EX Vacuum Bottles Product News

When the going gets cold...

At Primus the letters “EX” stand for expedition suitability. And that is exactly where the new TrailBreak EX Vacuum Bottles feel at home. Apart from keeping drinks hot – or cold if needed – they are really rugged, easy to handle (also with gloves at very low temperatures), you can clean them easily and – best of all – drink directly from the bottle and. In addition, they simply look good while being available in four colours and in two sizes.

Trailbreak EX, 63 kb

Trailbreak EX - Orange, 26 kb

Trailbreak EX - Black, 28 kb

Trailbreak EX, 43 kb
Primus’ new TrailBreak EX Vacuum Bottles not only feature a rugged double-wall stainless-steel body, but also a double-wall stainless-steel cup, which keeps drinks hot or cold much longer. A silicone sleeve improves the grip and prevents cold fingers (or possibly frostbite) in case you would touch the steel in very cold conditions. Of course it also offers protection to the bottle. Coming with two stoppers, you can choose what suits your needs best: Use the regular stopper when maximum temperature retention is more important than the convenience of being able to drink directly from the bottle as with the ClickClose stopper.

Drinking directly from the bottle is particularly convenient in the cold or when windy: You don’t need to take of your gloves and there is less risk of spilling. Opening the bottle and pouring to a mug causes a lot of heat loss. And the storm will not blow away your savoury drink into the wilderness. The wide mouth makes pouring in hot liquids easier without spilling anything – ever done that at –30° C in a tent? You can also clean the bottle easier. The same applies to the ClickClose stopper, as it can be disassembled entirely.

The Primus TrailBreak EX Vacuum Bottles comes in two sizes and four colours at suggested retail prices of £35 for the 0.75 l and £40 for the 1.0 l bottle. More information at

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