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Adidas Agilis
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The Agilis sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, close fitting, and their extensive curvature not only provides the widest range of vision, but also, crucially, ensures optimal protection for the wearer.

The Agilis frame itself is made from SPX, a renowned material whose exceptional properties ensure flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance, and long durability. In addition to this, a soft yet gripping material has been integrated into the temples to ensure an optimum non-slip, stable yet pressure free fit. The inclusion of a double snap nose bridge provides double level height adjustment of the nose bridge to suit the individual wearer. Rather than risk the frame becoming damaged, Adidas have incorporated their patented quick-release hinge system into the design of the Adidas Agilis sunglasses, which ensures that the temples release under exertion of impact force. The sunglass temples are also fitted with the Adidas Tri.Fit system, which not only provides three level height adjustments to ensure the optimal fit for each wearer, but also eradicates the dazzling effects of light rays.

The Adidas Agilis is supplied with one set of high quality lenses as standard, but as the product has been designed with easy lens interchanging in mind, there are a variety of additional lenses that can be purchased separately, which merely enhances the versatility of this sunglasses model. Amongst these lenses is the LST™ Bluefilter lens, which has been created by Adidas with the intention of reducing the incidence of irreversible photochemical damage to the retina that can occur when the correct from of eye protection is not worn. This exceptional lens not only provides the best blue light absorption but still offers the LST™ characteristics, being harmonisation of light fluctuation and contrast enhancement as well as full colour perception. Adidas favour the use of polycarbonate lenses in the manufacture of their sunglasses due to their scratch and high impact resistance; they also ensure optimal vision combined with total protection from UVA, B and C radiation.

The Adidas Agilis a163 sunglasses model is also able to accommodate a prescription optical clip-in, which allows our expert laboratory technicians to meet the requirements of the majority of clients.

All Adidas sunglasses are sold with a two-year manufacturers warranty as standard. The Adidas Agilis sunglasses are supplied with a protective hard case; a drawstring soft cloth case is also supplied as a lightweight alternative, which is recommended as suitable for the correct care of the lenses.

Adidas Agilis Features:

  • 10-base decentered antifog Vision Advantage PC Lenses
  • TRI.FIT Temple
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge
  • Quick-Change Lens System
  • Quick-Release Hinge
  • Traction Grip
  • SPX
  • Ventilation System
  • Performance Insert available (a779)
  • Microfiber Bag
  • Hardcase Competition

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