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BetaStick Evo

The BetaStick Evo is the culmination of 15 years' experience, research and design in remote clipping devices. It has evolved to give all the functionality of the original BetaStick but significantly enhanced with improved features & function.

3 brand new models!

  • Ultra Compact - the ultimate travel clip stick
  • Super Standard - the new standard in BetaStick; more compact with more reach
  • Ultra Long - a real monster for the practiced climber with a capacity to clip at heights of 6.5m+
  • Capacity for lasso clipping and quickdraw removal
  • Integral hooking feature for rope retrieval
  • New pole design to prevent spinning with secure locking mechanisms and a stiffer, more durable build quality
  • A dual position spring to securely retain karabiners, optimise gate opening and release smoothly
  • Compatible with a wide range of snap gate karabiners – both solid and wire gate
  • An ergonomically angled head to easily access bolt hangers in difficult clipping situations
  • Clips to harness for 'bolt-to-bolting'


Ultra Compact 55 - 238cm
Super Standard 74 - 374cm
Ultra Long 113 - 648cm

Here the first video in an instructional series from Beta, you can watch the rest of the series here.


High quality European sourced climbers chalk – pure and simple with no funny additives. Available in block, tablet or ball form to avoid chalk blow outs associated with loose powdered chalk.

Chalk Ball

  • 60g
  • High quality magnesium carbonate climbers chalk
  • Within a mesh sack that allows an excellent sift rate
  • The chalk ball fits perfectly in any chalk bag
  • Squeeze it to chalk up your hands
  • Less messy than powdered chalk

Block Chalk

  • 120g
  • High quality magnesium carbonate climbers chalk
  • The block is split into tabs for ease of splitting
  • Use as many tabs as necessary in your chalk bag

Chalk Tablets

  • 60g
  • High quality magnesium carbonate climbers chalk
  • Refill your chalk bag with tablets
  • Less messy than powdered chalk

Crushed Bag

  • 120g
  • High quality magnesium carbonate climbers chalk
  • The blocks are crushed ready for use
  • Re-sealable water-resistant bag


Quality non-stretch strapping tape primarily used by climbers to support finger tendons and pulleys or as protective hand strapping for jamming.

Beta Tape is micro permeable, highly adhesive and tears easily in both directions. It is also ideal for making removable tape gloves and stays in place well on chalky hands for post warm up taping.

The perfect addition to any climber's first aid kit.

  • Available in three sizes, all in 10m rolls
  • 1.5cm
  • 2.5cm
  • 4cm

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16 May

Shame that 15 years of experience hasn't taught them how to make a clipstick where the slidey bits stay put when extended! :(

16 May

I've got one of the new ones and it's no problem at, it's brilliant in fact.

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