Climb On Brush Bars for Sublime Brushes Product News

There are 3 Brush Bar tubes inside this handy carry refill container.

Climb On Brush Bars + Sublime Brush, 168 kb

Climb On Logo, 14 kb
This product was made specifically to be used with Sublime Climbing Brush. Using the same fantastic ingredients as our original climbOn Lotion Bar, but sized to fit snugly inside Sublime Climbing Brush and take where ever you need it to go.

Simply slip the compostable baggie inside your Sublime Climbing Brush. When it's all used up, baggie is compostable. Refill with another from your hand paperboard compostable carry tube.

This product is 100% compostable and biodegradable! We feel very happy about this!!!

Paperboard container & Baggie composts into the environment within 1 year.

Climb On Brush Bars + Sublime Brush, 136 kb
Climb On Brush Bars + Sublime Brush, 145 kb

Climb On Info, 85 kb

For more information visit Beta Climbing Designs
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