DMM XSRE Carabiner

Whatever we do at DMM, we always make sure that we do it well. Even our super light XSRE accessory carabiner is a cut above the rest. Not only does it look the business, it also comes with the distinctive hallmarks of quality and engineering precision that you would expect from a DMM carabiner.

The XSRE was developed for use in the tree care industry to carry tools, tool bags and chainsaws. The carabiner needed to be small enough to stay out of the way whilst having a keylock nose for piercing ropes.

Even though it is not for use in a safety system we just couldn't help ourselves. In the classic DMM style, we had to make it as strong and light as we possibly could!

The XSRE is very neat and light – the hot forged I-Beam construction allows us to keep the weight down to a feather-like 8.1g, while achieving a strength rating of 4kN.

The oval shape and plain gate gives snag free racking. The keylock nose also reduces the chance of snagging and aids rope piercing for arborists.

It is available in a range of eye-catching anodised colours, including blue, light blue, green, gold, red, and purple, allowing you to colour match and coordinate as you see fit.

The XSRE is the most useful high performance accessory carabiner on the market. There are hundreds of potential applications for this stylish piece of kit – we’re sure you can think of a few too.


  • Stylish lightweight accessory biner
  • Oval shape and plain gate for snag free racking
  • Keylock nose
  • Hot forged I-Beam construction
  • 4 kN strength rating
  • 8 g feather-like weight
  • Eye-catching choice of anodised colours

NB. The XSRE is an accessory carabiner and should not be used for climbing or as Personal Protective Equipment.

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4 Dec, 2013
Perhaps I don't understand ...? What appears to be a karabiner, recommended for carrying climbing equipment, but that cannot be used as a karabiner (even though it very obviously will be used by accident). This appears to me to be a flawed concept.
4 Dec, 2013
Looking at the size comparison, it would be pretty hard to use it by accident! That said, I do avoid carrying accessory biners for exactly that reason: I don't want anything on my harness that's not strong enough to actually use. They say this one's rated to 4kN though, which could definitely be used in an emergency. I expect lots of people on here have abbed off weaker anchors than that (though probably not in normal circumstances!).
4 Dec, 2013
£8 for an accessory krab, that you can't use for climbing, crazy! You can get a proper one for less. Stuart
I agree - why carry something you can't use! In an emergency, I'd rather know that every piece of kit on my harness is useful, than being stuck with 'accessory biners' that I can't use for anything!
4 Dec, 2013
Sorry DMM - not good - whats wrong with v small full spec biner
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