EyeSend Adjustable-View Belay Glasses Product News

EyeSend glasses are the first adjustable belay glasses on the market. You can change your view using the optics in the glasses instead of the muscles in your neck!

We have an EyeSend Kickstarter campaign running until Dec 8. Initial pairs will be delivered by Christmas. Check out the campaign here.

Current belay glasses only elevate your field of view by a fixed 60°. If you belay on cliffs steeper than this, you're still craning your neck to watch your climber. The EyeSend field of view is adjustable from 60° to about 120°. Using EyeSend glasses, you can belay with a neutral, pain-free neck position, regardless of the cliff angle.

What Climbers are Saying:

"The adjustability in the PitchSix EyeSend is a game changer. As a climber with a severely injured neck, I am forced to rely on belay glasses for all belaying. I have made do with what was on offer for too long and suffered when belaying for anything but very short periods. The moveable lens in the EyeSend gives me a better range of vision than anything else I've used, and allows me to belay for way longer, with basically zero discomfort. Thanks PitchSix!" -- Liam Lonsdale

"The adjustable feature is brilliant! This fixes my biggest problem with my (previous) belay glasses - my neck never quite could get into a relaxed position. You have solved this problem!" -- Eric Hörst

EyeSend Key Features

  • Adjustable view angle
  • Increased belayer comfort and therefore a safer belay
  • Simple, one-hand adjustment that works great when belaying with a GRIGRI
  • Three fields of view: Through, Over, Under
  • Solid frame
  • Easy on/off
  • Integrated neck strap
  • A strong case with straps that won't wear out

We are committed to helping protect the outdoor environments that make climbing great. We've joined 1% for the Planet to exemplify that commitment. We're going to plant a tree for every pair of EyeSend glasses sold as well as support climber access initiatives.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign here.

About PitchSix

PitchSix, LLC is a startup based in Logan, Utah, USA. PitchSix is focused on building innovating products for committed climbers and helping to preserve the outdoor environments that make climbing great.

For more information visit PitchSix

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