Cassin Piu Belay Device

Cassin Piu  Belay Device #1, 107 kb
Cassin Piu Belay Device #1
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The rope-friendly Piu is engineered to provide solid lock-offs when belaying and smooth rappels. Its wide, rounded rope-bearing surfaces are less prone to jamming and more gentle on ropes than thin-walled devices. The thick walls also help prevent over-heating and ensure greater durability. The keeper cable is angled to prevent interference with ropes while rappelling and the extra karabiner hole allows the Piu to be easily rigged as an auto-blocking device when belaying one or two seconds.

  • Rock climbing, alpinism, general mountaineering
  • Rope friendly design
  • Auto-locking when belaying one or two climbers on top rope
  • Diagonal cable prevents the rope from rubbing and jamming
  • Rope Diameter: 8-11 mm
  • Weight: 70g


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