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Sentinel HMS Screwgate, 8 kb
Sentinel HMS Screwgate

The V Twin is a stainless steel investment cast belay device which has several great advantages.

It is light (85 grams), it copes with a variety of rope diameters (8mm to 10.5mm), is very durable, and has excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

This means that the device is less likely to overheat on long or multiple abseils.

The angle and orientation of the teeth in the jaws have been very carefully arranged so that the device both pays out smoothly and catches firmly.

Combine it with the DMM Sentinel carabiner and you have an excellent combination.

As usual all the DMM office personnel were roped in to test this comprehensively at the local wall, however the prize goes to Mr. Desroy for taking repeated falls onto a (backed-up) new 8.0mm rope....

It uses the same nylon covered retaining wire as that used on the Bug because this has a proven history of good durability.

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