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With the amount of interest that has been shown in our competition that is currently running to win 1 of 2 Edelrid Ohm devices. We thought it would be a good idea to give people another look at the Ohm as well as some of our other products that work well in partnership.

Ohm (RRP: £110)

Ohm  © Edelrid

The Ohm is named after Georg Ohm and is the unit used to measure electrical resistance, that's exactly what the Edelrid Ohm does. It adds resistance into the belay system. Allowing heavier climbers to be belayed by a lighter partner.

  • The Ohm is attached to the first bolt, replacing the first quickdraw
  • Rope handling remains the same allowing rope to be easier paid out to the leader
  • Lowering a heavy climber is made easier whilst still giving the belayer the same control as if the Ohm wasn't present
  • For a more in depth look at the Ohm check out our competition to Win 1 of 2 Edelrid Ohm devices

Tommy Caldwell Pro Dry DT 9.6mm 70m (RRP: £100)

Tommy Caldwell's signature rope and the perfect companion for the Ohm. It's very high sheath proportion make this rope perfect for working routes or trying the Dawn Wall.

  • Pro Dry gives the rope outstanding dirt and water resistance
  • Thermo Shield gives the rope perfect handling, making it super easy to use in a variety of situations
  • DuoTec changes the pattern of the rope halfway through, for a permanent middle marking
  • 3D lap coiled, allowing you to get climbing straight away without the need to spend hours untangling your new rope

Mega JUL Sport & Bulletproof Triple Belay Kit (RRP: £55)

A belay kit containing Edelrid's highly regarded Mega JUL Sport and a Bulletproof Triple FG carabiner. The carabiner has been designed specifically to work with the Mega JUL Sport optimising the assisted braking function. The Mega JUL sport features.

  • Robust stainless steel construction, allowing the weight to be kept to a minimum
  • High braking performance to assist the belayer with leader falls
  • To read about our belay device range in more detail check out our UKC article

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22 May, 2018

The Ohm sounds like an interesting enough device, but I'd personally struggle to justify the outlay. Perhaps if I was heavier I might pick one up though.

I did chuckle at the opening marketing spiel though. Does anyone actually stop and think about the guff marketing types put in adverts nowadays!?

I think I might be a bit too "Mr Logic" but my thoughts reading it went something like this...


It measures electrical resistance? How on earth does that help?


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