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We can't believe it but SNAP is 20 Years old!

Born and bred in France, SNAP pads have been littering the forest floors of Fontainebleau for many years... Ever notice that seasoned 'bleausard' cruising all your holiday projects? Yes, you know that guys and he's probably got a SNAP pad!

Now 20 years on, SNAP are still leading the way creating innovative shock absorption technologies and functionality that has grown in popularity throughout the UK. SNAP pads can now be spotted at many gritstone outcrops, limestone caves and wind bashed boulders throughout the UK's climbing scene.

Large pads like the 'Grand Rap' are allowing climbers to push the boundaries of what can achieved by using SNAP's innovative technologies which easily absorb high impacts falls, enabling highballing boundaries to be pushed further than ever before.

Snap 20 years old, 44 kb

Snap 20 years old 2, 127 kb

Why are SNAP Wrap Pads different?

The PU foam inside the Wrap Pads is separated into 24 individual cells, each measuring 30x25x12cm. Each foam cell is enveloped in a taffeta wrap which is lightly pierced. A small fall will cause the air to be driven out through these holes, but not so with a higher fall! In this case the air is retained by the wrap because the speed of impact is higher and the air has not sufficient time to be evacuated. The net result is to have a firmer pad for a higher impact fall. Simple but so effective!

A reinforcement in 'ballistic' polyester (1680 deniers, the thickest on the market) goes all the way round the crash-pad. It is a one piece model so no danger of going over on your ankle.

Wrap Original Pad, 39 kb
Wrap Original Pad
© Snap
Wrap Original Pad, 42 kb
Wrap Original Pad
© Snap

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