Metolius Bouldering Gear

Metolius were one of the first companies to develop a complete line of equipment for dedicated boulderers. From tape and brushes to massive pads for those going seriously off-piste, Metolius have covered every angle you can think of.

Metolius Bouldering #1, 180 kb

The Bailout and Recon pads provide good options for beginner and experienced boulderer alike. The Bailout is a simple, affordable pad featuring a sandwiched foam design and good portability. It is the ideal starter pad. The Recon Pad provides a larger landing zone, using a 3 fold design, over standard sized pads. It also uses a sandwiched foam design whilst still collapsing to a good size. It provides an excellent secondary pad, which is easy to carry, bolstering your landing zone.

For those convivial group bouldering sessions at the wall or on the rock the bouldering bucket chalk bag provides a floor standing design allowing quick and easy coverage. It features brush holders to accommodate the M-16 Bouldering Brush and can hold large quantities of Super Chalk necessary for those long sweaty summer days.

And when your tips and tendons can't take any more, strap them up with some athletic non-stretch tape and layer some hand repair balm on your suffering tips to allow yourself one final attempt on that elusive problem.

Metolius Bouldering #4, 73 kb
Metolius Bouldering #2, 55 kb
Metolius Bouldering #3, 191 kb
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