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Those evenings are getting a little longer, the mornings are brighter. This means there's more light to work with but it's still crispy cold, so set for a great month of bouldering!

Hand-made in the UK, just a stone's throw from the Peak District, we sew these pads for sweet, long-lasting landings that will soften the blow of falling off the crux again. Equip yourself to tick off those problems before the warmer weather arrives.

***place order before Sunday 23rd and receive 15% off***

The Alpkit Team Bouldering at Almscliff, 199 kb
The Alpkit Team Bouldering at Almscliff
© Alpkit

Phud (£99)

, 105 kb
Compact and portable bang for your buck.

Phud is a taco style pad designed to be thrown over your shoulder for an evening circuit or over another pad to bring you softly back down to earth.

Created to tick all the essential boxes in your crash pad criteria, Phud has two continuous layers of foam give a supported landing, yet a stripped-back, simple design keeps it light, affordable and portable.

Weight: 4.1 kg

Dimensions (open): 100 x 100 x 8 cm

Foam: 50 mm HLB PU open cell foam; 33 mm cross-linked PE closed cell foam

Fabric: 600d PU coated woven polyester

Mujo (£175)

, 54 kb
Dependable cushioning for frequent flyers.

Mujo is the pad that you smoosh into the car whenever bouldering is on the cards.

Made with 1100d Cordura, Mujo is designed to stand up to the use and abuse of day-in, day-out cragging. Hinged closure with rucksack straps make it compact and portable, and two layers of foam keep on giving you the cushion you need.

Weight: 4.5 kg

Dimensions (open): 130 x 100 x 9 cm

Foam: 60 mm HLB PU open cell foam; 30 mm cross-linked PE closed cell foam.

Fabric: 1100d Cordura

The Alpkit Team Bouldering at Almscliff, 191 kb
The Alpkit Team Bouldering at Almscliff
© Alpkit

Project (£195)

, 55 kb
A big bad pad for frequent fallers.

The ultimate portable protection for tackling your nemesis, the Project was designed keep you cushioned when you're working the tough moves again, and again (and again).

A taco style gives uninterrupted protection, with two layers of continuous foam to absorb the shock of your fall, and a tough Cordura outer easily meets the demands of frustrated climbers.

Wraparound closure creates a hidey-hole for boots, snacks, and motivational posters.

Weight: 5.35 kg

Dimensions (open): 140 x 100 x 9.5 cm

Foam: 70 mm HLB PU open cell foam; 33 mm cross-linked PE closed cell foam

Fabric: 1100d Cordura with DWR coating

Opening Gambit (£40)

, 98 kb
A launch pad for softening those sit-starts.

Every bouldering pad needs an Opening Gambit. With 2 cm of closed cell foam, the Opening Gambit slides handily into all kinds of situation, whether you're pulling onto a low sitter, starting a traverse line, or covering the join between pads.

Lightweight and slimline, it can hitch a lift in your bouldering pad or you can grab it by, well, the grab handle.

Weight: 1 kg

Dimensions: 100 x 63 x 2 cm

Foam: 20 mm cross-linked PE closed cell foam

Fabric: 600d PU coated woven polyester

Boulder Bucket (£25)

Boulder Bucket, 61 kb
Large volume Cordura chalk bag. Our buckets have a voracious appetite and will consume a whole bag of your favourite chalk dust. With all that chalk on board the last thing you want to happen is to spill it all, so our buckets have a tall extended rolltop closure. The rolltop closure stops your chalk from getting out and for extra security we have a strong metal buckle to hold it closed, so should the worst happen and you blow your onsight and kick your bucket away in a rage there is at least a small chance it will stay shut!

Weight: 120 g
Material: 1100d Cordura
Base: 140 x 140 mm
Height rolled: 180 mm

The Alpkit Team Bouldering at Almscliff, 235 kb

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