Metolius Trad Gear

Metolius have built a strong reputation on innovation, clean design and a burly construction that stands the test of time.

Mastercam, 182 kb
© Metolius
Torque Nut Tool, 33 kb
Metolius have a wide range of trad climbing gear, these products are suitable to help build a perfect trad rack which won't let you down when you are running it out a bit further than expected.

Master Cams - RRP £55

The Master Cam has built a solid following in the UK based on clean design and its narrow head unit which fits placements where other units cannot follow. Its moulded thumb loop falls neatly into the hand and the unique range finder helps to optimise your placement.

Ultra Light Curve Nuts - RRP £95

Ultra Light Curve Nuts are lighter than competitor nuts and more stable in flared placements. The curve and taper to these nuts make it easier to judge placement quality and contact with the rock. Eliminating the wire swage allows for a significant weight saving over equivalent nut sets.

Safetech All Round Harness - RRP £80

The Safetech All Round Harness has four gear loops, with the forward loops popping out for easier racking, whilst the rear loops sit flat and won't interfere with your pack. A double belay loop design is extremely durable and allows for easier anchor attachment. An adjustable rise allows for the perfect fit.

Nut Keys - RRP £14

Metolius have developed innovative and ergonomic designs into the Feather and Torque nuts keys. Both come in a curved design to reach behind stuck gear, a built in wire gate krab clips to your harness and with a hook nose specifically designed to catch cam triggers. The Feather Key weighs only 21g, whilst the more durable Torque Key is 64g.

Curve Nut Set, 165 kb
Curve Nut Set
© Metolius
Safetech Harness, 135 kb
Safetech Harness
© Metolius
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