Dream Holds: Dumby Basalt Collection

The sickest, slickest training holds available!!

Dumbarton Rock is home to some of Scotland's hardest climbs. Cuthbertson's 'Requiem' once the hardest trad route in the world, 'Rhapsody' superseding this at E11, Macleods 'Pressure' Font 8b and 'Gutbuster' Smiths recent Font 8b+ ensuring Basalt is the Jewel in the Crown. Dumbarton Rock, Once the seat of the Scottish Kings, it is now the scene of the Kings of Rock. Our Range of basalt holds provide the answers to why these guys are so strong: Frictionless rock, requiring insane grip strength along with immaculate technique. These are hardcore holds for running laps on – Moulded directly from 'Dumby' these are as close as you will ever get to the real thing. Just like Dumby there are sick crimps, smooth flatties, burly pinches and nightmarish dishes. The clock is definitely ticking when you pull on to these babies!

The only holds directly moulded from real Dumbarton Basalt.

Minimum skin loss, Maximum crankage!

£69 for set of 12 - 2 sets available


Dream Holds Map

Welcome to Dream Holds' indoor climbing revolution! This map shows all UK climbing centres where you can climb on our unbelievably realistic indoor rock climbing holds!

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