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Kilter Grips have revolutionised the climbing training board with a new take on an old idea bringing new LED's that light up the hold, ergonomic holds that are kind to your fingers and an adjustable frame provided by partner Rockcity here in the UK.

Freestanding Kilterboard 12x12x2.5 30-70 - View Product

The Kilterboard has some similarities to existing training boards. It uses an App to store all the problems recorded and share these with a rapidly emerging online climbing community. It uses LED's to highlight which holds are to be used in each problem. It is a similar height to the existing boards, with a classic 12ft long overhanging panel above a kickboard.

So what's different about the Kilterboard? Well the most obvious thing is it looks huge in comparison to other boards. This version 12 x 12 is a 12ft wide and has the usual matrix of bolt-on holds but then interlaced are another matrix of screw-ons. The result is over double the number of illuminated holds than offered by other boards and has been designed more for the commercial climbing gym rather than for the domestic training wall.

The LEDs and black panels definitely stand out. Twice the LED power for bolt-on holds than other systems the Kilterboard really lights up a trail as the rear part of each hold is clear polyurethane so the hold really glows and this halo is visible from all sides, so it isn't eclipsed by other holds when you climb above it.

To make things clearer and a little more technical, the LED's have different colours to denote different uses. Starting 'hand' holds are lit up green, all other 'hand' holds are in turquoise and the finishing 'hand' holds are clearly marked in magenta. In addition there are 'feet only' holds marked in yellow. This makes for way more exciting and technical climbing than the classic 'feet follow hands

The holds also are noticeably different, they are typically larger than other boards so that as the angle of the overhanging panel increases, the shape of the holds change too.

The adjustable frame is key to unlocking the potential of the problems that can be set. The holds are completely different at 30 degrees than they are when the board is cranked over to 70 degrees.

It's at this angle 70 degrees that you start to understand why this setup has a kickboard of 2 1/2ft instead of the classic 1ft. At anything past 45 degrees the lowered panel gets closer to the floor and so the ability to get right into the base of the Kilterboard is only accessible with the higher start.

This electronically adjustable setup is available in the UK (and overseas) direct from Rockcity. You can also drop in to Rockcity Climbing in Hull to test it out as there is one installed permanently.

The Kilterboard will be available to try out at 'Halls and Walls', the DAV Climbing Wall Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany, 22-23 November on stand H25.

Freestanding Kilterboard 12x12x2.5 30-70 - View Product

For more information visit the Rockcity website

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