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Kryptonite climbing holds are formed from radioactive crystal that sap the power from any superman or woman.

The Kryptonite climbing holds consist of irregular geometric shapes that even the strongest of climbers will have to battle with. Kryptonite holds offer a diversity never before seen in any other hold, giving both climbers and setters a lethal tool in their arsenal.

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The new super polyurethane (PU) Dannomond, tested in the busiest climbing the UK, 'sample 875' finally made the cut. The new PU, the hardest and most durable PU of all previous PU holds, they do not break under heavy load, now the standard of the growing range of commercial climbing centres. Conforming to the European Standard (EN 12572-3) our new and most advanced texture that uses a a complex grain utilising an open grain technology that still provides great friction when smothered in chalk, providing a better texture when in use and benefiting both climbers and route setters, as it's easier on the skin.

Polyester Resin
Polyester Resin (PE) are the tried and tested of UK climbing holds. This traditional material offers a the most reliable material for durability to date, with thousands of PE holds already scattered across the UK. Kryptonite holds made using the Polyester Resin conform to European Standard (EN 12572-3), while also utilising the same open grain technology as the PU variant aforementioned.

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