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PowerFingers is a simple, easy to use product which is incredibly effective for Climbers who require finger strength and dexterity.

Elbow and finger injuries are extremely common in the climbing world and many climbers are forced to take time out because they have over done it. Using PowerFingers regularly can help alleviate and prevent finger and elbow injuries and keep you climbing harder, for longer.

PowerFingers works by stretching and developing the Antagnostic muscle in the hand and wrist. These muscles aren't commonly used when climbing and can quickly become weak. This can then lead to a lack of balance between the commonly used muscles like the biceps and forearms and the Antagnostic muscles. By developing the Antagnostic muscles, PowerFingers helps to provide balance and prevent injuries occurring.

PowerFingers is lightweight and portable and each set includes different coloured rings. Each ring represents and different resistance levels from level 1 to 5. You can build up an almost unlimited level of resistance by stacking different rings together.

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logo£20.00. Great training aids and books in stock and online.
See this product at the Joe Brown - Snowdonia shop
logo£22.00. Available at Harrogate & Manchester with 10% off for members!
See this product at the Climbing Centre Group shop

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22 Dec, 2014
Has anyone had any experience using these? Better than just rubber bands? Worth the £20? Thanks
22 Dec, 2014
Is there any science to support these, and what do these offer that elastic bands don't? Also I think you could do with a proof reader.
22 Dec, 2014
The threads been sitting here all day, and we post pretty much the same question at the same time :)
22 Dec, 2014
I find that making a loop with a theraband does the same job as this. It's nice to have things that are designed to do a certain job though, I certainly couldn't be assed to mess around with elastic bands. I'd pay something like a tenner for these. Twenty is steep.

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