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To put it simply, we're here to help you perform at your best. Along with smart training, a proper diet and enough rest, nutritional supplements can help you squeeze out that extra progress in your climbing.

Perhaps you don't feel you're doing all you could in those areas, because you don't have the time, and so supplements aren't for you. Well, supplementation is something you can do which takes virtually no time at all, but still benefits your performance. Are you doing everything you could be?

We offer protein to help repair and strengthen your muscles, amino acids to improve your recovery and our specially formulated Tendon and Joint Care to help avoid those annoying tweaks. We also have other effective supplements that can be beneficial to climbers.

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4 Sep, 2018

I thought the efficacy of glucosamine for tendon health in climbers was something that was disproven about a decade ago? I certainly remember it being in fashion for a while and then disappearing. So have you got any evidence for your tendon health claims?

Your whey protein is 40% more expensive than on

4 Sep, 2018

Same for cod liver oil - lots of trials show zero efficacy 

4 Sep, 2018

Oral glucosamine sulfate and heparan sulfate gives you more smelly farts, but that's about it....


4 Sep, 2018

Its surely enhanced with a name like SENDit .

Any mention of potential gains in climbing merit a suitable mark up in pricing  for the exact same products.

Its the unwritten law of capitalism and marketing.





4 Sep, 2018

Really? What on Earth is happening around here at the minute? UKC is usually where I come to mock psudoscience, not to be sold it!

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